Dr - Michael Hille - Phlebology -

Dr Michael Hille

Specialist for Phlebology in Munich

Artemed Specialist Clinic, Munich
Dr - Michael Hille - Phlebology -

Special Clinical Focus

  • Varicose veins
  • Spider veins
  • Venous inflammation
  • Ulcus cruris
  • Thrombosis
  • Endoluminal techniques (ClosureFast™ and VenaSeal™)
  • Sclerosing / foam sclerotherapy (sclerotherapy)
  • Stripping, crossectomy and phlebectomy

About us

Today, above all, due to a lack of movement and seated activities over too long a period, more and more people suffer from venous conditions. These include spider veins and varicose veins, as well as “ulcerated leg”. But these conditions can generally be treated effectively and gently in a centre specialised in these conditions. The affected patient does not even have to wait until next winter for the removal of varicose veins. The Senior Consultant of the Department of Phlebology and Vein Surgery at the ARTEMED Specialist Clinic, Munich, Dr Michael Hille, emphasises that a treatment in the early summer or in summer does not mean that short dresses have to be given up during the warm part of the year. The earlier the treatment, the more rapidly difficult, painful legs become a thing of the past. Of course, high-quality treatment by competent vein specialists is a given. Essentially, varicose veins can recur following treatment (recurrence). With the aid of a technique developed at the ARTEMED Specialist Clinic, Munich, however, the rate of recurrence following varicose vein treatment has been reduced significantly. The ARTEMED Specialist Clinic, Munich specialises in removing varicoses precisely and gently with the best aesthetic results. The vein team can draw on a number of established methods for the treatment of varicose veins. After careful individual diagnosis, the specialists make the decision as to what treatment can be expected to produce the best result for each patient. As well as a variety of surgical methods and their minimally invasive alternative, the radio frequency technique, varicose veins can also be removed using a special adhesive technique. This technique is still very new but offers the best and gentlest variant for the patient of treating varicose veins. The effect is immediate and the patient does not even have to wear compression stockings following this minimally invasive procedure. Thanks to its extensive experience and specialisation, the Department of Phlebology and Vein Surgery at the ARTEMED Specialist Clinic, Munich, has been certified by a collaboration of the Professional Association of Phlebologists e.V. and the German Phlebology Association as a Vein Centre of Excellence. This certification is only awarded to hospitals which are able to demonstrate a high level of treatment quality and a high number of cases. As a result, the treatment quality for vein conditions can be compared nationwide. Apart from this, the ARTEMED Specialist Clinic in Munich is evaluated by further evaluation institutions and also encourages its patients to give their candid feedback, which is then carefully evaluated. In the process, the Clinic achieves very high recommendation levels by its patients. This is guaranteed by a continual adaptation of the processes to the desires of the patients and by the outstanding work of its specialists and the nursing personnel. Both conservative and surgical treatments are utilised in the treatment of the various vein conditions. Under the leadership of Dr Hille, the vein specialists utilise the most up-to-date technical equipment at the cutting edge of science for the most precise diagnoses and for competent and gentle surgical procedures. So, Dr Hille and his capable team are able to localise and display problematic sections of vein in a targeted manner and, based on the diagnosis, prepare an individual treatment plan for each patient. Dr Hille is a specialist in surgery and vascular surgery and completed his training as an endovascular surgeon at the Private Academy of the German Vascular Surgery and Vascular Medicine Association. In spite of his outstanding clinical expertise in the specialist field of phlebology and vein surgery, Dr Hille places great value on the human component of his work. His greatest concern is comprehensive advice and, in particular, the satisfaction of his patients following treatment.

Diagnostic Services

  • Doppler
  • Colour-coded duplex sonography
  • Light reflection rheography (LRR)
  • Vein occlusion plethysmography (VVP)

Therapeutic Services

Surgical methods:

  • Crossectomy
  • Stripping technique
  • Phlebectomy
Non-surgical methods:

  • Radio frequency technique (ClosureFast™)
  • Adhesive technique (VenaSeal™)
  • Sclerotherapy / sclerosing
  • Laser / laser therapy

  • Treatment of the underlying condition – causal therapy
  • Conservative treatment with advanced wound dressings
  • Compression therapy
  • Vacuum Assisted Closure Therapy (VAC)
  • Advanced ulcer surgery (debridement, shave, split-skin graft)
  • Physiotherapy, gait training, therapeutic exercise and vein exercise (collaboration with external therapists)

Medical spectrum


  • Diabetic foot
  • Spider veins
  • Thrombosis
  • Ulcus cruris
  • Varicose veins
  • Venous disorders
  • Venous inflammation
  • Special Offers / Arrangements / Rooms


    • Medical supervision by the Senior Consultant (or his representative)
    • Accommodation in a single-bed room
    • Accommodation in a 2-bed room
    • Accommodation and catering for a companion


    • Electronically height-variable comfort bed
    • Safe (lockers in some rooms)
    • Dressing gown on request
    • Additional accessories in the bathroom (e.g.. body care set, illuminated make-up mirror) *
    • Minibar *
    • Some rooms with balcony *


    • Free television and standing telephone charges
    • Free fax use and free W-LAN
    • DVD player *
    • Headphones
    • Free selection of daily newspapers


    • A gourmet menu may be selected for lunch in addition to the two standard menus
    • Fresh fruit on arrival
    • A selection of juices and spa water on arrival *
    • Afternoon coffee and cakes
    • Individual catering (for diets, intolerances, etc.)
    • All-day coffee and tea specialities on request
    • Tea-making facilities including a selection of teas in the room

    * in single-bed rooms only



    Artemed Specialist Clinic, Munich

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    Webseite: www.artemedmuenchen.de

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