Prof. - Nicolai El Hindy - Spinal surgery -

Prof. Dr med. Nicolai El Hindy

Specialist for spinal and peripheral nerve surgery in Werne (NRW)

Prof. - Nicolai El Hindy - Spinal surgery -
Professor Nicolai El Hindy, MD, is an outstanding specialist in neurosurgery and special neurosurgical intensive care medicine and heads the Spine Centre at St. Christophorus Krankenhaus Werne of the Catholic St. Paul Society. The centre is certified by the DWG (German Spine Society) as a specialist spine centre for the fields of degenerative diseases, inflammatory and metabolic diseases, and deformities. It is also renowned as a Globus Medical reference centre and offers innovative surgical procedures under the direction of Prof. Dr El Hindy, a pioneer in the field of robotically navigated spine surgery. Another focus is motion-preserving intervertebral disc prosthetics of the cervical and lumbar spine.

Special Clinical Focus

The Centre for Spinal Surgery offers a wide range of treatments, which are carried out conventionally and partly by means of robotic assistance:
  • Infusion therapy for acute pain conditions
  • Minimally invasive procedures (small skin incision, low tissue trauma)
    • Anaesthesia of the small vertebral joints (facet joint infiltration)
    • Minimally invasive denervation of the small vertebral joints
    • Endoscopic removal of herniated discs
    • Percutaneous nucleoplasty (volume reduction of the intervertebral disc)
    • Straightening of vertebral fractures using bone cement (kyphoplasty, vertebroplasty)
    • Thermal ablation (fusion) of vertebral body tumours
  • Microsurgery
    • Microsurgical treatment of lumbar/thoracic/cervical herniated discs
    • Microsurgical treatment of lumbar spinal stenosis
    • Microsurgical treatment of cervical spinal canal stenosis from the dorsal (back)/ventral (front) side
  • Reconstructive-dynamic surgery
    • Intervertebral disc prostheses of the cervical and lumbar spine
    • Dynamic (motion-preserving without stiffening) stabilisation of the lumbar spine
  • Stabilisation (stiffening) of the spine in the case of
    • Fractures
    • Spondylolisthesis
    • Tumours
  • Treatment of herniated disc/vertebral body infections (spondylodiscitis)
  • Treatment of chronic pain conditions using neuromodulation
    • Spinal cord stimulation
    • Dorsal root ganglion stimulation
    • Implantation of morphine/baclofen pumps
  • Endoscopic treatment of nerve constriction syndromes
    • Carpal tunnel syndrome
    • Sulcus Ulnaris syndrome
  • DTRAX: New procedure for chronic neck/shoulder/arm pain, European premiere SE-Titan-Cage

About us Prof. Dr med. Nicolai El Hindy

The Catholic St. Paul Society runs two outstanding hospitals: St. Christophorus Krankenhaus Werne and St. Marien Hospital Lünenwith the Centre for Spinal Surgery in Werne offering a wide range of conventional and modern treatments, partly supported by robotic assistance. It is renowned as the Globus Medical reference centre for robotic precision surgery.

Over 350 robotically assisted operations since 2021

Since the introduction of robotically navigated spine surgery in January 2021, more than 350 operations have been performed at the Werne Centre for Spine Surgery, with the surgical robot being used not only for simple procedures but also for complex ones. Prof. Dr El Hindy is considered a pioneer and expert in the field of robotically navigated spinal surgery and has further developed and refined the procedure of minimally invasive, lateral placement of spinal implants (cages) in the prone position. This innovative surgical method is only offered in a few other centres in the USA and therefore makes the Spine Centre in Werne a leading international centre for spine surgery.

In addition to performing successful operations, Prof. Dr El Hindy trains medical professionals from all over the world in the use of the surgical robot and lectures at international conferences on the new possible applications of the "ExcelsiusGPS®" surgical robot. More than 50 national and international surgeons have already learned and implemented these innovative surgical procedures at the Werne Centre for Spine Surgery.

Prof. Dr El Hindy is a member of renowned professional societies

Prof. Dr El Hindy is a member of renowned professional societies such as the German Society for Neurosurgery (DGNC), the German Spine Society (DWG), the European Association of Neurosurgical Societies (EANS) and the European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC), as well as the German University Association (DHV). He has extensive additional qualifications, including a basic and master's certificate from the German Spine Society as well as a teaching authorisation for the subject of neurosurgery and a Good Clinical Practice certificate.

Innovative and successful treatment procedures at the Werne Spine Centre

In cooperation with Globus Medical, the team of the Spine Centre under the leadership of Prof. Dr El Hindy and the senior divisional physician Priv.-Doz. Dr Pierscianek are constantly striving to develop new robotically navigated surgical procedures and to expand existing surgical methods. The Spine Centre in Werne offers excellent medical care and is known for its innovative and successful treatment procedures for degenerative diseases of the spine, dynamic stabilisation and degenerative and traumatic changes of the cervical spine.

With Prof. Dr El Hindy as head physician and director of the Werne Spine Centre, patients know that they are in the best hands with one of the most experienced and innovative specialists for spine surgery in Germany. The Spine Centre in Werne offers first-class medical care, state-of-the-art technologies and an experienced and highly specialised team of doctors.



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