Dr. - Nicolas Clément - Bariatric surgery for overweight and obesity -

Dr. Nicolas Clément

Specialist in bariatric surgery in Zurich

Dr. - Nicolas Clément - Bariatric surgery for overweight and obesity -
As an abdominal surgeon, Dr Clément specialises in bariatric surgery and is recognised as being an outstanding expert in this field. When performing bariatric surgery, he stands out thanks to his non-invasive techniques and carefully considered complete care packages. This makes his bariatric centre the perfect point of contact for everyone aiming to achieve long-term success.

Special Clinical Focus

  • Proximal gastric bypass
  • Sleeve gastrectomy
  • Biliopancreatic diversion

About us

In the event that morbid obesity is making all areas of a patient’s life difficult, professional help is urgently required. Zurich boasts an organisation that is increasingly making a name for itself here... The bariatric centre at Chirurgie Dr. Clément specialises in precisely this field: under the leadership of Dr Nicolas Clément, an expert team of specialists in various disciplines helps overweight patients to get out of this vicious cycle and achieves great success, which is in part thanks to individualised aftercare concepts.

Those who turn to the bariatric centre at Chirurgie Clément for help can trust that exactly the right steps will be taken to help them. That is because the top-class healthcare provided here starts with the very first consultation: an interdisciplinary team which has been put together with foresight and a great deal of knowledge takes care of every tiny detail when it comes to the treatment process. Experienced and extremely well-trained experts in various disciplines work together at the bariatric centre to help people who are affected by the condition of obesity.

Nobody here questions whether obesity is a chronic condition. The bariatric team in Zurich is fully aware that major obesity not only leads to a significant reduction in quality of life but may also lead to a number of secondary conditions, which are, in turn, responsible for a reduction in life expectancy. And that is how obesity is treated in Zurich: as a complex condition which is generally the result of a number of factors.

Key precondition: a comprehensive diagnosis

That is why there is a focus on coming to a balanced diagnosis that meets international standards in the outset: Does the patient have a genetic predisposition? Does the microbiome affect the patient’s metabolism and how have their metabolic functions changed? What is the body’s metabolic rate? And body mass index also plays an important role, of course.

There is a huge range of treatments available to patients, of which the bariatric centre team at Chirurgie Clément has full mastery. This is evidenced by the director of the facility above all: Dr Nicolas Clément is a consultant certified by the Swiss Medical Association, specialising in abdominal surgery. He started his career specialising in the treatment of conditions affecting the abdominal area. He primarily focuses on obesity surgery and he is also a very in-demand expert in other areas. In minimally-invasive hernia surgery, above all, he is maintaining the outstanding reputation of his predecessor, Dr Jan F. Kukleta, as his designated successor and has had a productive cooperation with Dr Kukleta’s practice since September 2020. In addition to hernias, Dr Clément also specialises in treating conditions of the colon and is well-versed in gall bladder conditions, including all aspects of diagnosis, treatment and aftercare. This means that Dr Kukleta’s former patients can also be confident that continuity is being provided at the highest level. Ms Lutz, who is very popular with patients, will remain the first point of contact at the practice.

Non-surgical treatment: a complete weight loss package

Full breadth of expertise: bariatric surgery is and will remain Dr Nicolas Clément’s true specialty. The team was compiled with this specific field in mind and provides the foundation of modern treatment of the highest quality. This starts with advice on the topic of weight reduction: how can sensible weight loss be achieved without a yo-yo effect? Which measures can be used to achieve weight reduction without surgery, even when lots of attempts have already been successful? In other words, Dr Clément will exhaust all the possibilities of non-surgical obesity treatment before a procedure is carried out.

Even just receiving support from a doctor often increases a patient’s chances of achieving sustainable weight loss. This also allows comorbidities to be identified at an early stage and treated straight away. The team working with Dr Clément specialises in all aspects of this field with its highly professional cooperation partners, from dietary advice, analysis of eating disorders and sophisticated use of medication to physiotherapy and individual preparation of a personalised, active movement programme.

Bariatric surgery: always keeping international dynamism in mind

Provided that it is tailored to the patient’s respective requirements, non-surgical treatment is often the ideal preparation for all kinds of surgery. Bariatric surgery is one of the fields of modern medicine that is developing most dynamically. For precisely this reason, Dr Nicolas Clément’s patients benefit from his expertise. Thanks to his clear focus on obesity, the experienced consultant is always up to date when it comes to the latest surgical methods. Whilst he has a very in-depth understanding of established techniques, even in the most complex of procedures, the expert also benefits from his international network since new methods are constantly being developed. This is also because not only the short-term results need to be taken into account to assess a new method but the long-term results in particular also need to be taken into consideration. This naturally also includes the improvement of existing comorbidities. Dr Clément is able to assess long-term consequences and a very wide range of risks more effectively than other doctors who do not specialise so extensively thanks to his high level of expertise.

As such, Dr Clément understands the long-term effects and the respective safety level of all the established surgical methods thanks to his many years of experience. Modern techniques are constantly being evaluated at this centre in Zurich and are applied within the framework of monitored studies. For example, the gastric bypass, which is known as the gold standard, has become established, even though the laparoscopic surgical method demands particular skill and artistry from the surgeon. As a master of keyhole surgery, Dr Clément has the full range of bariatric surgical options at his disposal. Dr Clément is just as confident carrying out stomach reduction surgery as a sleeve gastrectomy.

Obesity: a wide range of surgical treatment methods

Dr Clément is also confident performing biliopancreatic diversion surgery, a major operation which stands out due to its weight loss impact and long-term effects but also only comes into consideration for selected patients due to its significant side effects. It is also important to have a top-class surgeon for a sleeve gastrectomy because this surgical technique is now considered a standard operation thanks to its effectiveness, whilst still being a new technique.

It is primarily the newer bariatric surgery methods which draw attention to Dr Nicolas Clément in the medical community. As mentioned above, as a consultant surgeon certified by the Swiss Medical Association, who is well-versed in all areas of abdominal surgery, he offers a full range of abdominal surgical procedures in cooperation with his team at the surgical practice. At the centre of excellence for abdominal surgery, which is a fitting description for Dr Clément’s practice, patients can rely on outstanding surgical precision and top-class treatment, which meets international standards in the, primarily minimally-invasive, treatment of hernias and conditions of the colon and the gall bladder. The services offered by the practice also include proctology and vein surgery.

Dr Nicolas Clément and his team provide an impressive service down to the tiniest of details. This includes a correspondingly high level of empathy and tact, which is especially important when advising and treating obese patients. This naturally also applies to the follow-up treatment, which is of vital importance to successful bariatric surgery: a full treatment package that is exemplary in all respects is offered at the bariatric centre in Zurich.

The practice is also very well connected: it offers a direct tram connection and several car parks within walking distance. Advance consultations and follow-up care generally primarily take place at the KASZ centre of excellence for obesity and metabolism in Zurich. And for patients from the Richterswil region, Dr Clément and his team work in close cooperation with Dr Beatrice Wirtner for preliminary consultations and aftercare.



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