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Specialists for knee and foot surgery in Schwandorf

Maximilian Schenke - OCO Orthopädische Chirurgie Oberpfalz
OCO is the name in modern, high-performance orthopaedics – especially for the knee and foot. With a dedicated team for whom mobility is always a priority, Dr Damian Oremek and Maximilian Schenke focus on conservative treatment methods, and also possess a wealth of experience in terms of using innovative surgical techniques and in endoprosthetics.

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Maximilian Schenke - Knee surgery -

Maximilian Schenke

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When two highly specialised medical professionals join forces to open a modern orthopaedics clinic, it is worth taking a closer look – especially for those who have knee, foot or ankle complaints in Germany’s Upper Palatinate region. This is because, with OCO Orthopädische Chirurgie Oberpfalz, the certified knee and foot surgeon, Dr. Damian Oremek, and the certified knee surgeon, Maximilian Schenke, have created the treatment centre that leaves nothing to be desired in terms of conservative and surgical treatments. The provision of artificial joints is also of the very highest quality in Schwandorf.

Germany’s Upper Palatinate region maintains something of a unique position among people who are active in sports: In the region around Schwandorf alone, many mountains and lakes invite you to enjoy your leisure time, and locals and tourists alike benefit from the exemplary network of cycling and hiking trails. In other words, a high degree of mobility is simply a must here.

Anyone in this region who experiences problems with the musculoskeletal system and would like to regain their mobility, is best advised to contact OCO Orthopädische Chirurgie Oberpfalz. With high quality standards, Dr. Damian Oremek and Maximilian Schenke offer contemporary treatment at an international level in this cutting-edge practice – while always communicating at eye level with patients. Patients can be sure that they are not only receiving the highest level of expertise these two experienced orthopaedic surgeons have to offer, but also treatment involving the latest technology. And, of course, the pleasant atmosphere of this young practice clinic – all truly inspiring.

Knee, foot and ankle: Comprehensive treatment spectrum

Dr. Damian Oremek and Maximilian Schenke in Schwandorf offer an enormously wide range of treatments in orthopaedics, trauma surgery and sports medicine. At OCO Orthopädische Chirurgie Oberpfalz, all types of injuries and diseases afflicting the joints, as well as the spine, are treated, and patients also benefit from the medical team’s many years of experience in the case of sports injuries or age-related diseases. Dr Damian Oremek and Maximilian Schenke have dedicated their professional careers to focussing on the lower extremities of the human body.

This young clinic delivers a convincing performance every time thanks to its state-of-the-art diagnostics. Here, the individual analysis of certain deformities is extremely precise, which means that specific therapy approaches can also be initiated quickly. The diagnostic spectrum comprises digital X-rays, including whole-leg radiography, sonography and laboratory diagnostics.

As highly specialised physicians, the two primarily focus on individualised medicine and therapy derived from this, with which they often achieve therapeutic success. Thus, at Orthopädische Chirurgie Oberpfalz, conservative procedures are used first, where possible. This also includes shock wave therapy or autologous blood therapy (PRP, ACP, ACS). However, if surgery is unavoidable, the specialists in Schwandorf have an extensive range of different surgical techniques at their disposal. Dr Damian Oremek and Maximilian Schenke have also attracted attention in the region with their innovative treatment with modern implants.

It is a sign of contemporary high-performance medicine when all-round experienced orthopaedic surgeons specialise in specific joints. As a result, OCO Orthopädische Chirurgie Oberpfalz has the reputation of being one of the top addresses for all questions relating to the foot and knee.

As a specialist in orthopaedics, trauma surgery and special orthopaedic surgery, Dr Damian Oremek specialises primarily in surgical procedures of the lower body.
The focus of his surgical work is on the treatment of arthrosis in large joints, especially the knee joint. During his training at various orthopaedic/accident surgery centres, he gained expertise in primary endoprosthetics, with various partial joint replacement procedures, as well as in the field of replacement operations (revision endoprosthetics). He is also an expert in artificial hip replacement. Dr. Damian Oremek guarantees an individual consultation, as well as a therapy tailored to the clinical and diagnostic examination, even in difficult cases. As a certified knee surgeon of the German Knee Society (Deutsche Kniegesellschaft), he also offers a comprehensive range of knee joint-preserving operations. Dr Damian Oremek is active in sports medicine, and provides acute care for meniscus, cartilage or various ligament injuries of the knee joint. In addition, he offers knee joint realignment surgery for proven deformities, including pathologies of the patellar joint.
Dr Damian Oremek is also a certified foot surgeon. His spectrum in foot and ankle surgery is expansive, so that he not only performs hindfoot corrections by means of osteotomies and stiffening (arthrodesis), but also cartilage-repairing operations, and operations for ligament injuries in the context of degenerative changes and sports traumatological injuries. In this respect, it is always an advantage to be able to turn to a specialist whose medical pet project – so to speak – is also foot and ankle surgery.

Maximilian Schenke, a specialist in orthopaedics and trauma surgery, has made a name for himself as a knee surgeon certified by the German Knee Society and gained notoriety as the team doctor for the German national basketball team. He is also on the expert committee of the German Knee Society (Deutsche Kniegesellschaft) on the topic of osteotomy. His passion is for the largest joint in the human body – the knee. Whether it involves arthroscopic surgery for patellar problems, meniscus surgery, cruciate ligament surgery or cartilage replacement, you can rely on his experience. This also applies to complex operations close to the knee joint, to conversion operations and in endoprosthetics. When it comes to prostheses, he not only has the right solution for the knee at all times, he is also considered an expert when it comes to artificial hip joints.

OCO Orthopädische Chirurgie Oberpfalz thus represents a clear enrichment for medical care in Germany’s Upper Palatinate region. Within a very short space of time, this young institution has succeeded in becoming an important point of contact for an active life with sport and exercise – including beyond the district of Schwandorf. Wherever possible, the two doctors and their competent team make sure to restore a person’s unrestricted freedom of movement with individual treatments – always in an open atmosphere and with a personal approach that one can only wish for. And, by the way, the practice clinic is also easily accessible: It is located within walking distance of Schwandorf train station and Schwandorf shopping centre.

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