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Specialist for Referring high-quality English-speaking partners in Düsseldorf

Project Expat - Radiology -
Project Expats provides international professionals and executives in the German-speaking world with high-quality English-speaking service providers for all areas of life. Since this also applies to all healthcare related issues, the organization is an ideal cooperation partner for the Leading Medicine Guide.

About us Project Expat

Numerous expats from all over the world work in German-speaking countries: English is the standard language in many internationally active companies, and corporations often send employees to Germany, Austria or Switzerland for a certain period of time - as expats. But sometimes it can be difficult if you don't speak the local language. That's when you can rely on the Project Expat GmbH: This organization finds English-speaking service providers for all needs - even in the healthcare sector. This makes them the perfect cooperation partner for the Leading Medicine Guide.

Those who come to Germany as expats show a great deal of courage, commitment and independence. However, there is one thing these people are missing: they have to get by in a foreign country without their familiar network, which provides support at home. If something doesn't go as planned, the sense of security is quickly gone.

That's exactly where the Project Expat GmbH comes in: This young organization helps expats find English-speaking service providers. This applies to many service categories, such as educational services, when it comes to questions about fitness and sports, when tax advisors or lawyers are needed - and when it comes to health issues. In many cities, the Project Expat GmbH already arranges suitable partners to make people's lives in the foreign country as uncomplicated and safe as possible.

Healthcare: Referring high-quality English-speaking partners

The founders of Project Expat have been dealing with expats for over twenty years - and were repeatedly confronted with the need for English-speaking service providers. Thus, piece by piece, an excellent directory was created. A lot of positive feedback from both sides motivated the partners to found the Project Expat GmbH - and to launch the platform

One aspect of the approach was central to the Leading Medicine Guide's cooperation: when compiling the list of partners, it is not only important to the Project-Expat professionals that the service is offered in English - the focus is also on the high quality of the service.

The cooperation between the two online portals Project Expat and Leading Medicine Guide is thus the starting point for a new era for all expats in the German-speaking world: in the future, anyone looking for a specialist who has both a high level of medical expertise and is proficient in English can rely on the synergy effects of two experienced partners!



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