Professor - Ralph Peterli - Bariatric surgery for overweight and obesity -

Professor Ralph Peterli

Expert in bariatric/metabolic surgery for obesity/diabetes in Basel

Kleinriehenstrasse 30
4058 Basel
+41 61 7777500 (Landline at local rates)
Professor - Ralph Peterli - Bariatric surgery for overweight and obesity -
Professor Ralph Peterli Expert in bariatric/metabolic surgery for obesity/diabetes in Basel
+41 61 7777500 (Landline at local rates)
Professor Peterli primarily specialises in bariatric treatment as an experienced surgeon of the entire abdominal area. Since he is also a renowned expert in matters relating to diabetes, patients with obesity can rely on a comprehensive full care package which stands out thanks to his excellent advice and minimally invasive surgical techniques.

Special Clinical Focus

  • Surgical treatment for obesity and diabetes
  • Stomach surgery
  • Colorectal surgery
  • General abdominal surgery

Curriculum Vitae Professor Ralph Peterli

1979 - 1986 Medical School, University of Basel, Switzerland
(1979 + 1981 military service)
1986 Graduation from Medical School, University of Basel
1988 Doctoral Thesis
1995 Specialist for general surgery
2004 Subspecialist for general and trauma surgery, Subspecialist for visceral surgery
7/08 - 12/08 Research fellow and surgeon, University Lund, Sweden
2009 Assistant Professor of Surgery (Privatdozent), University of Basel
2015 Professor of Surgery (Titularprofessor), University of Basel
since 1997 Teaching at Medical School, University of Basel
2002 International workshops with live surgery
2005 Instructor practical hands-on courses
2019 Mentoring program for young academics
2020 Key opinion leader bariatric surgery on educational platform (AIS)
Postgraduate medical Formation/Positions
4/1987 - 3/1988 Institute of Pathology, Univ. of Basel (Proff Ph.U. Heitz, M. Mihatsch)
4/1988 - 11/1991 Surgical Clinic, Olten (PD Dr. U. Grötzinger)
1/1992 - 5/1994 Surgical Clinic, Bruderholz, Basel (Prof. A.K. Huber)
7/1995 - 12/1996 Surgical Clinic, St.Claraspital Basel (Proff P. Tondelli, M. von Flüe)
1/1997 - 3/2000 Staff member
4/2000 - 12/2016 Senior staff
1/2017 Deputy Medical Director
1/2019 Deputy Head of Clarunis, Department of Visceral Surgery, University Center for Gastrointestinal and Liver Diseases, Basel Switzerland, St. Clara Hospital & University Hospital Basel
Surgical experience/Fields of interest
Visceral, colorectal and bariatric surgery (total number of interventions >15’000)
Research fields
1984-1988 Morphometry in pathology of arteries
1988-1990 Clinical study on groin hernia repair
1994-2002 Various clinical studies on laparoscopic cholecystectomy and related hepato-biliary pathologies
1996 Various clinical studies in bariatric surgery
2003-2006 Human adipose tissue and functional role of melanocortin-receptors
2005-2014 Proteomics of mitochondria in human adipose tissue
2006-2019 PI of randomized controlled trial (RCT) on bariatric surgery (SM-BOSS)
2006-2010 Glycemic control and gastrointestinal peptides in morbidly obese patients
2009 - 2010 Adipokines in morbidly obese patients undergoing bariatric surgery
2011 - 2015 Steering committee of international RCT on metabolic surgery vs best medicine
2012 Functional MRI and bariatric Surgery
2014 - 2017 Enteroendocrine cells of upper gastrointestinal tract before and after sleeve
2014 Microbiome before and after bariatric surgery
2016 mTOR, insulin resistance and inflammation in adipose tissue
2018 Benchmark studies in bariatric Surgery
2020 PI of RCT SLIM Trial
Scientific support
2002 - 2006 Grant by the Hirzbrunnenstiftung, Basel, Switzerland
2005 Support of novoNordisk
2005 Support of research fund of University Childrens Hospital, Basel, Switzerland
2006 - 2007 Support of Ethicon Endo-Surgery, USA
2006 - 2008 Support of Ethicon Endo-Surgery, Switzerland
2006 - 2007 Support of “Stiftung für medizinische Forschung”, Therwil, Switzerland
2008 - 2011 Grant by the Swiss National Science Foundation (3200B0-116465)
2009 - 2013 Grant by Ethicon Endosurgery, Switzerland
2012 - 2015 Grant by the Swiss National Science Foundation (320030-138439)
2022 Grant by the Swiss National Science Foundation (32003B-204937)

About us Professor Ralph Peterli

Patients suffering from obesity require professional support. The situation is often more urgent than the patients and their relatives realise because being extremely overweight not only affects all areas of everyday life and massively reduces the patient’s quality of life but can also trigger numerous secondary diseases as a chronic issue. The most common secondary diseases are metabolic issues such as diabetes, as well as heart, lung and circulatory disorders. Therefore, it is beneficial to get in touch with a medical expert who not only has many years of experience in surgery for obesity and diabetes but is also an internationally renowned expert. Professor Ralph Peterli directs Clarunis University Center for Gastrointestinal and Liver Diseases in Basel, which is the largest bariatric centre of excellence in northwest Switzerland, and has conducted extensive research into obesity and diabetes. He and his team are highly competent and empathetic points of contact.

Obesity is one of the most common illnesses of our time which has some of the most serious consequences. Patients who recognise that being very overweight is a chronic genetic condition that diets and exercise programmes do very little to influence are already on the right path. In actual fact, only medical support from highly qualified physicians can help achieve the desired results on a long-term basis.

Patients can find this support in the Basel metropolitan region. At Clarunis University Center for Gastrointestinal and Liver Diseases in Basel, where highly specialised consultants from all the relevant disciplines relating to the abdominal area repeatedly set standards in high-performance medicine, bariatric surgery is also carried out at an international level: Professor Ralph Peterli is highly dedicated to this field, as well as to clinical and scientific research.

Common combination: morbid obesity and diabetes

Patients who contact Professor Peterli and his team, who are also highly specialised, about obesity are taking an important step. This means that these patients understand their obesity to be a complex condition that they cannot resolve alone and for which there are a number of causes. Are genes primarily responsible for the illness or has an unhealthy diet and lack of exercise led to the issue: since only a comprehensive diagnosis will lead to the right treatment option, Professor Peterli considers all the relevant details. He does not leave anything down to chance, from the patient’s general health to the various related conditions.

Word has now spread far beyond the border region between France and Germany that treatment at Clarunis University Center for Gastrointestinal and Liver Diseases in Basel demonstrably far exceeds common standards in each individual area. This naturally applies to the field of bariatric surgery too: this is because the outstanding position that Professor Peterli enjoys in the field of obesity in his everyday clinical work and in the field of science is easy to prove. You can determine his level of expertise even just from his case numbers and from the organisation’s status as a “Centre of excellence for bariatric and metabolic surgery” after a review by the “Swiss Society for the Study of Morbid Obesity and Metabolic Disorders” and as an “Ethicon European Center of Excellence”.

Professor Ralph Peterli’s global recognition in the field of bariatric research is not only based on his versatility. He has a high level of understanding of the diseases associated with obesity. This not only applies to the field of diabetes, which affects significantly overweight patients much more frequently than patients with a normal body weight, especially diabetes mellitus type 2, as the expert’s field of specialist knowledge also includes treating lipid disorders or increases in blood fat. This is because overweight people often suffer from increased cholesterol levels, which, like increased triglyceride levels, can lead to conditions of the circulatory system and vascular conditions. Naturally, the range of conditions potentially associated with obesity is broader than this. It ranges from joint damage and gall stones to psychological and social problems.

The solution is often both simple and complex: in an ideal scenario, all connected conditions are treated successfully by sustainable weight loss or prevented when they start to occur. And that is exactly what Professor Ralph Peterli endeavours to achieve: at Clarunis University Center for Gastrointestinal and Liver Diseases in Basel, an interdisciplinary and interprofessional team made up of highly-specialised experts such as dietary consultants, metabolism experts and psychiatrists initially carry out a comprehensive assessment of the patient, with additional expertise being provided by cardiac and lung specialists where needed.

A wide range of treatment options: surgical intervention as the last resort

Professor Peterli asks the key question: is surgical intervention the right choice? Surgical intervention is actually only chosen once all non-surgical treatment options have been unsuccessful. However, in the outset, every effort is made to reduce the patient’s weight without surgery. From dietary changes to training plans that are supposed to be fun: the patient receives guidance from professionals in all these areas. However, dietary changes, medication or exercise therapy are often only effective on a temporary basis, unlike surgical bariatric procedures.

Professor Peterli uses all of his experience and his high level of expertise to choose the right method in consultation with the patient, which is effective on a permanent basis for the large majority of patients in Basel. The results can be seen quickly: the weight loss, during which the patient always receives professional support, is often also associated with improvements in or even entirely cures the conditions which are associated with obesity. The patient’s life expectancy and quality of life increases and their health risks are minimised. Since the advantageous effects of surgery only appear gradually, obesity differs fundamentally from other diseases: In bariatrics, surgical intervention is only one part of the entire treatment programme designed to treat patients who are extremely overweight. Even though surgical precision, as with all operations at Clarunis University Center for Gastrointestinal and Liver Diseases in Basel, plays a key factor in ensuring success, another very important factor is educating the patient on the entire support process and lifelong rehabilitation. This is something that bariatric patients and patients with diabetes have in common as both patient groups require regular medical advice and support.

Individual solutions: bypass, gastric sleeve, diversion surgery

There is a wide range of surgical treatment options in bariatrics and Professor Ralph Peterli places great value on making the right choice in each patient’s individual circumstance. The operations he carries out most frequently are stomach bypasses and gastric sleeve surgery. Both procedures are carried out laparoscopically in Basel. In addition to reduced food consumption, both procedures also lead to very effective changes to the patient’s metabolism. hunger and satiety signals are created by the gut and these signals favourably affect food consumption and healthy food choices, improving the patient’s blood sugar level right away. Both options lead to reduced quantities of certain vitamins and trace elements being absorbed and therefore make supplements essential on a lifelong basis. In a clinical study which has received a great deal of international attention, he compared both procedures with regard to their safety, efficacy and modes of action. In situations in which both of these operations are not effective enough, another procedure is used, namely, biliopancreatic diversion surgery, which is a mixture of gastric sleeve surgery and a bypass or other techniques which Professor Peterli contributes to developing. This work allows him to stay up to date with the latest developments, which also gives him a first-class reputation in research. He has received funding from the Swiss National Science Foundation multiple times, which is an excellent indicator of his reputation, most recently in 2021 for his latest research project on improving the stomach bypass. He is involved in national and international specialist organisations as the president or a member of the board, organises national and international congresses and is often invited to speaking occasions as an expert.

Since obesity is a chronic condition, a second operation is often needed after a period of time, i.e. a bariatric revision operation. This is because, in some cases, insufficient weight loss or unfavourable long-term consequences need to be corrected. In such cases, the interdisciplinary approach which characterises the Clarunis University Center for Gastrointestinal and Liver Diseases in Basel becomes important because the expertise of other in-house experts is often used in the decision-making process for many revision operations. Since Professor Peterli always endeavours to achieve the best outcome for his patients, he favours interdisciplinary collaboration.

Bariatric research: International reputation

This way of thinking is not only proof of the high-performance medicine for which the Clarunis centre of excellence stands but it is also a prerequisite for bariatric operations: these operations are actually only carried out at hospitals which have interdisciplinary teams with the necessary experience and where the treatment is provided in accordance with current valid guidelines. As the largest bariatric surgical centre in northwest Switzerland, the centre of excellence for bariatric surgery and metabolic surgery in Basel meets the highest international standards.

Thanks to his reputation in bariatric research and expertise in everyday clinical work, as well as in the scientific field, Professor Ralph Peterli repeatedly attracts attention to his work, both thanks to his optimisations to surgical techniques and to his improvements to further therapeutic approaches, which ensure that obesity treatment is getting safer and safer, as well as more and more effective. These techniques and procedures are shared multiple times a year at international workshops on complex bariatric procedures. In connection with this, the organisation has also been awarded the title of “European Centre of Excellence for Bariatric Surgery”.

Professor Ralph Peterli has also personally won multiple awards, such as the Felix Largiadère Prize from the Swiss Society for Abdominal Surgery, which he received in 2013. In 2009, the highly-specialised physician received the “Clinical Nutrition Prize” from the Swiss Society for Gastroenterology. As such, it is clear that he not only has a great deal of experience as a bariatric surgeon and in matters relating to diabetes but is also continuously setting standards in dietary medicine.

As Deputy Chief Physician of Abdominal Surgery and Surgical Research, Professor Peterli has a wealth of experience in colonic and rectal surgery, as well as in stomach operations. The expert also has a close connection to Basel and the region: he completed his medical degree at the University of Basel and, apart from a research period spent in Sweden, he has practically spent his entire career to date in this city on the Rhine. He has specialist qualifications in general surgery and abdominal surgery. This mixture of versatility and huge level of focus on specialist areas of medicine makes him the ideal consultant for the abdominal centre at the university in Basel, which sets the highest of standards in all areas as the centre of excellence of the Claraspital hospital and the University Hospital of Basel, not only when it comes to the renowned experts but also the entire team.

Publications / Releases

Publications / Releases Professor Ralph Peterli
List of publications Prof. Ralph Peterli 1.12.2021 H-Index: 39
Number of articles as 1st author: 30 
Number of articles as seniort author: 31
Number of articles as co-author: 60
Number of Clinical articles: 84
Number of Research articles: 27
Number of Book chapters: 6
Number of Books: 1

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