Dr - Reza Ghotbi - Vascular surgery -

Dr Reza Ghotbi

Specialist for Vascular surgery in Munich

Dr - Reza Ghotbi - Vascular surgery -
Dr. Ghotbi offers comprehensive diagnostics for all diseases of the vascular system and always treats his patients individually with therapies for arteries, veins and lymph vessels. He also operates in the vessels themselves - this is only possible in particularly specialized departments.

Special Clinical Focus

  • Shunt surgery
  • PTA, stent and stent graft implantation
  • Aneurysm surgery and endoprosthesis implantation
  • Carotid artery surgery and carotid artery stent angioplasty
  • Endoprosthesis implantation (implantation of artificial blood vessels)
  • Surgery to the carotid artery

About us

Dr Reza Ghotbi is a specialist surgeon and a certified endovascular specialist (DGG – the German Vascular Surgery and Vascular Medicine Association). His focus is on vascular surgery and abdominal surgery. As the senior consultant in vascular surgery at the HELIOS Munich West Hospital, he is able to refer to the excellent treatment results of his department: the HELIOS quality key figures for the year 2015 show a mortality rate by far below the average. In addition, Dr Ghotbi has featured in the Focus List of Medical Practitioners as one of 2016’s TOP Medical Practitioners in the field of vascular surgery. The cardiovascular system forms a very complex structure. The continuous supply of nutrients to important organs is the basic pre-requisite for the body’s functions. Here, the heart takes central place: a healthy heart pumps approximately 7200 litres of blood per day around the body. In order to be able to achieve this performance, the walls of the blood vessels must be stable and must withstand the pressure reliably. They are therefore under constant load and a small disruption can rapidly (or insidiously) create serious consequences.

As the population ages, vascular conditions become an increasing problem for medicine. Over the course of a lifetime, blood vessels tend towards calcification. This process begins unobtrusively – those affected frequently have no discomfort. If the calcification increases, stenosis, that is, a constriction within the blood vessel, can develop. In a less harmful case, there is shortness of breath and circulatory disorders, but where there is a sudden occlusion of important arteries, stenoses can cause acute life-threatening situations such as cardiac infarction or a cerebrovascular accident.

So-called aneurysms are pathological dilations of the blood vessels. If the diameter increases, the blood cannot be pumped through at the same pressure. This can cause congestion and turbulence in the blood vessel, while, at the same time, the downstream areas, in turn, are inadequately supplied with blood. Hence, the effect can resemble a vascular occlusion. In addition, blood clots, that is, small clumps of blood, may form, which, later on, may cause a (possibly life-threatening) vascular occlusion. 

The human vascular system can be affected by many other vascular conditions. Not all of these have serious consequences, but many can at least reduce the quality of life of the person affected considerably. One familiar example is varicose veins in the legs.
Making the right diagnosis requires a great deal of experience and state-of-the-art technical facilities. The early detection of medical conditions can prevent an acute progression. Counselling the patient is also very important: for example, a balanced diet and adequate exercise helps to lower blood pressure which is too high. Dr Ghotbi and his team place value on their patients feeling that they are in good hands.

Diagnostic Services

- Vascular ultrasound
- Doppler examination
- Pulse examination
- Ratschow’s test
- Oscillography
- Angiography

Therapeutic Services

- Shunt surgery
- Surgery to the carotid artery
- Surgery for aneurysms (minimally invasive stent insertion and implantation of artificial blood vessels) 
- Treatment of varices
- Stent implantation and stent graft



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