Dr. - Rolf Hunkeler - Hernia surgery -

Dr. Rolf Hunkeler

Specialist for Hernia surgery in Zurich

Dr. - Rolf Hunkeler - Hernia surgery -
Dr. Hunkeler has an amazing reputation as a specialist for the most complicated abdominal wall and intestinal hernias. Whether it is incisional, umbilical or femoral hernias - these are his absolute specialties. As a member of numerous professional associations, he is also always up to date with the latest innovative surgical methods.

Special Clinical Focus


  • Hernia surgery


About us Dr. Rolf Hunkeler

Dr. Rolf Hunkeler is a FMH specialist in surgery with additional specialist qualifications in general surgery, traumatology and abdominal surgery. He has worked in his own private practice in the Fluntern Medical Center in Zurich since 2002. Dr. Hunkeler also works as an in-patient physician at various Zurich hospitals, including the Hirslanden Hospital and at the Zurich Hernia Center at the Hirslanden Hospital in the Park. Over the course of his many years work as an abdominal surgeon, Dr. Hunkeler’s focus was increasingly on hernia surgery, i.e. the surgical treatment of hernias such as inguinal hernias, umbilical hernias, incisional hernias and femoral hernias, which have interested him since day one.

Dr. Hunkeler continued to develop this focus, and so his abdominal surgery practice has become a practice specialized in hernia surgery with a broad background in abdominal surgery. Over the course of the Herniamed Study, his practice was reviewed by the German Hernia Association (DHG) and was awarded the Seal of Quality Assured Hernia Surgery. Here, Dr. Hunkeler’s treatment range in the field of hernia surgery includes both conventional open surgical techniques, with or without the insertion of a synthetic mesh, and laparoscopic and endoscopic techniques in the course of so-called keyhole surgery. The selection of the technique and the materials is wholly geared to the individual patient. Because Dr. Hunkeler can act autonomously as an independent surgeon, he does not have to observe in-house stipulations, which frequently have an economic background. Rather than this, he is solely committed to the welfare of the patient and utilizes the materials and techniques which will benefit the patient (tailored surgery). In order also to be able to continue to care for and treat his patients optimally, Dr. Hunkeler attends multiple conferences around the world annually and, in addition, completes at least one elective course. His expertise in the field of hernia surgery is in demand among abdominal surgeons and so he is approached to act as a tutor for hernia surgery courses. The hernia specialist is also involved in the board of the Swiss Hernia Surgery Working Group (SAHC) and in the organization of the “Swiss Hernia Days”. In his practice in the Fluntern Medical Center in Zurich, Dr. Hunkeler places great stress on individualized, patient-oriented care and a precise evaluation of the findings in order to be able to guarantee an optimal choice of technique and a smooth course for the surgery. At the same time, the personal discussion between the physician and the patient, in which Dr. Hunkeler counsels his patients appropriately and explains all the advantages and disadvantages of possible treatments in detail, is the prerequisite for successful treatment. Dr. Hunkeler also attaches great importance to comprehensive aftercare following the surgery.

Therapeutic Services

  • Laparoscopic and endoscopic hernia surgery with mesh
  • Open hernia surgery with mesh
  • Open hernia surgery with suture
  • Chronic wound treatment

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