Dr. - Stefan Kunz - Knee surgery -

Dr. Stefan Kunz

Specialist for Knee surgery, Trauma surgery, Sports surgery, Sports traumatology, Sports Orthopedics in Zurich

Dr. - Stefan Kunz - Knee surgery -
Dr. Kunz has primarily made a name for himself as a knee specialist far beyond the region. His high level of expertise is also in demand for complex topics such as the reconstruction of cruciate ligaments or meniscus replacement - especially since, as an experienced trauma surgeon for acute knee injuries, he is known for making exactly the right decision quickly.

Special Clinical Focus

  • Ligament reconstruction (cruciate ligaments, collateral ligaments)
  • Meniscal suturing
  • Meniscus replacement
  • Cartilage cell transplantation
  • Cartilage-bone cylinder transplantation (OTC)
  • Stabilisation of the kneecap (patella)
  • Corrective osteotomy

About us

The Accident Surgery Centre is a highly specialised department dealing with all fresh injuries and all injury sequelae.
The treatment emphases of the Accident and Sports Surgery Centre in Zurich are complicated wrist fractures and long-term problems following bony fractures, such as bone infections, non-union of bony fractures or malunion of bony fractures.
Injuries to the knee and the late sequelae of previous knee injuries represent one of our main areas of activity. We have a high degree of familiarity with this area and, as well as top athletes, we also treat adult patients of all ages from across the whole of Switzerland and from abroad. Our range of services includes all techniques used in knee surgery.
The specialised centre is located within the grounds of the Hospital in the Park. The Hospital in the Park is a part of the Hirslanden Group and hence is one of the leading private clinics in Switzerland. Over 6000 procedures are performed each year at the clinic. Despite this large number of operations, the clinic has maintained its informal, personal character.
The Hospital in the Park and the Accident Surgery Centre provides almost all the diagnostic and therapeutic options of a large university hospital.
Consultations are held in the clinic’s historic Villa Moskwa.
Dr Stefan Kunz is a specialist in accident surgery at the Hirslanden Hospital in the Park in Zurich. Here, together with his colleague, Dr Frank Stamm, he heads the Accident Surgery Centre, which specialises in the treatment and assessment of acute injuries and long-term injury sequelae. Among the injuries, which Dr Kunz and his team of specialists treat the most frequently in the Accident Surgery Centre, are sports injuries such as contusions, sprains and dislocated joints, torn ligaments, tendons, and muscles, as well as bony fractures.

Together with the shoulder, ankle and wrist, the knee joint is one of the joints most frequently affected by sports injuries. As a specialist in knee surgery, Dr Kunz has specialised in the surgical treatment of injury and damage to this joint in particular. Thus, the knee surgery specialist, Dr Kunz at the Accident Surgery Centre in Zurich treats strain injuries of the knee joint, ruptures of the cruciate ligaments, meniscus injuries and complex knee injuries in particular. As well, osteoarthritis in the knee joint and luxating patella are among the special conditions treated by this specialist in knee surgery, Dr Kunz in Zurich.

For the treatment of these injuries and damage to the knee, the specialist in knee surgery, Dr Kunz in Zurich, has a variety of knee surgery techniques at his disposal. These include, for example, cruciate ligament surgery for ruptured cruciate ligaments, cartilage cell transplantation for cartilage damage in the knee joint and meniscus replacement for meniscal injuries. Other special treatment emphases of the specialist in knee surgery, Dr Kunz in Zurich, are arthroscopic knee surgery and endoscopy of the knee joint. In addition, the knee surgery specialist in Zurich performs corrective osteotomies for the rectification of mechanical axis malposition, differences in leg lengths and rotational malposition, which often appear as sequelae following an accident, as well as within the context of mechanical stress problems.

Currently in Switzerland, around 25 per cent of all injuries can be traced back to sports accidents. This is equivalent to approximately 200,000 sports accidents annually, of which approximately 30 per cent occur as a result of winter sport and a further 25 per cent during ball games, particularly football. Rapid evaluation and treatment, together with an optimised rehabilitation are the pre-requisites for those affected being able to take up their sporting activity again quickly and to achieve their maximum sports performance again. At the same time, the treatment of sports injuries of the knee within the context of knee surgery and rehabilitation requires special insight into the various accident mechanisms and the resulting specific injury sequelae of the various types of sport.

Both the knee surgery specialist, Dr Kunz, and his team of specialists at the Accident Surgery Centre in Zurich have these special insights at their command. The team of specialists of Dr Kunz in Zurich, in particular, is distinguished by its expertise, dedication and years of experience and employs safe and established surgical techniques and the most up-to-date technical equipment in the treatment of sports injuries. In this manner, the knee surgery specialist, Dr Kunz, and his team in Zurich are able to achieve the optimum treatment results for sports injuries.

Dr Kunz himself has long-standing experience as a specialist in accident surgery and knee surgery. After completing his medical studies at the University of Basle in 1991, the specialist in knee surgery, Dr Kunz, completed his general surgical training as a registrar and consultant at various Swiss clinics, which he completed in 1999 as an FMH specialist surgeon. Additional training in the field of accident surgery followed from 1999 to 2001 at the University Hospital, Zurich. Since 2001, Dr Kunz has been a European Specialist in Accident Surgery, EBSQ Trauma (European Board of Surgery) and, since 2003, he has held the Swiss title, FMH General Surgery and Accident Surgery.

From 2001, the knee surgery specialist, Dr Kunz, was active as a consultant at various large Swiss central clinics, including the Aarau Cantonal hospital, the Balgrist University Orthopaedics Clinic, Zurich, and the Accident Surgery Clinic of the University Hospital, Zurich. Between 2004 and 2008, he was Team Leader at the Accident Surgery Clinic of the University Hospital, Zurich. The knee surgery specialist, Dr Kunz, has also completed advanced training events in Vienna, Berlin and London and has acquired certification as an SIM (Swiss Insurance Medicine) medical consultant.

Diagnostic Services

  • Three modern magnetic resonance tomographs (MRI) with 1.5 to 3 teslas
  • Two latest generation multi-slice computer tomographs (CT)
  • A digital radiology system (best image quality with lowest radiation dose)
  • Ultrasound and fluoroscopy

Therapeutic Services

  • Meniscal suturing
  • All accident surgery procedures
  • Treatment of knee joint injuries
  • All surgical techniques on the knee joint
  • Cartilage repair
  • Total endoprosthesis (TEP)
  • Partial replacement of the joint (artificial joint)

Special Offers / Arrangements / Rooms

We speak German and English. We consult interpreters for Russian- and Arabic-speaking patients, on request.
Patients at the Hospital in the Park are given superior care, in which everything is arranged to cater to the individual's needs. Round-the-clock medical care by qualified nursing staff is guaranteed. In order to ensure medical dependability, the clinic has all specialist fields at its disposal, and these are available day and night. Several internists, cardiologists, anaesthetists and intensive care physicians, as well as the most up to date infrastructure, with several cardiac catheter laboratories, and an up to date intensive care ward and a dialysis ward are available.
For your well-being, the clinic provides comprehensive care thanks to its Guest Relations Department and its Menu Assistants. A variety of menus and à la carte dishes are available for the main meals, prepared according to up to date dietary criteria. Special diet menus are also prepared on request. Of course, vegetarian dishes and kosher meals are also available.
A selection of various quality hotels is available for family members in the Zurich city centre, just 10 – 15 minutes from the clinic.



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