Dr. - Volker Fass - Knee surgery -

Dr. Volker Fass

Specialist for Knee surgery, Sports traumatology, Sports surgery, Sports Orthopedics in Freiburg

Dr. - Volker Fass - Knee surgery -
Dr. Fass is regarded as a specialist with a particularly high reputation in knee surgery and sports medicine. As a professional soccer player, he used to be part of a team with Jogi Löw - and as an experienced specialist, he knows exactly what is important in innovative treatment methods. He is also very familiar with chirotherapy.

Special Clinical Focus

  • Reconstructive surgery to the knee joint
  • Cruciate ligament surgery
  • Sports traumatology
  • Preventive diagnostics and therapy (return to movement)

About us

Dr. Volker Fass is a specialist in orthopedics, sports medicine and chiropractic with a focus on the treatment of the knee joint. The former German Soccer League competitive sportsman looks back on a career as a medical practitioner and sports scientist spanning over 35 years. Dr. Fass completed his specialist training in orthopedics at the Friedrichsheim University Orthopedic Hospital in Frankfurt am Main. Dr. Fass completed the FIFA Diploma for Soccer and Sports Medicine as special advanced training in sports medicine. Together with his colleagues, he founded the Fontana Hospital for Orthopedic Surgery, which specializes in knee and shoulder injuries, in 2002. Dr. Fass had already treated his patients with orthopedic conditions in at his own practice, the Orthocenter, Freiburg, since 1993. The individual care of his patients is very close to Dr. Fass’ heart. Hence, he is very much devoted to their respective personal case history and to a thorough clinical examination. Particularly for sports injuries, the precise circumstances of the accident play an important role in order to be able to treat the injury comprehensively. Diagnostic components consisting of imaging techniques such as x-rays or MRI imaging are evaluated by Dr. Fass with his long-standing medical experience and are also integrated into the findings. For injuries to the knee joint, his own experience of active competitive sport and his long-standing orthopedic career enable Dr. Fass to analyze the structures concerned precisely.

Hence, the optimum treatment concepts can be prepared individually. Whether surgery is recommended or preferably conservative treatment is focused on is decided in personal agreement between Dr. Fass and his patient because, in Dr. Fass’ practice, the philosophy of personalized orthopedics is put into practice. Whether a renewed ability to move and quality of life or a return to sport is concerned, each patient with a knee condition is to be given personalized treatment, individually tailored to him, at the Freiburg Orthocenter. The wide-ranging portfolio of services has conservative and surgical treatments available, for example with medication, physical therapy and manual therapy using heat or cold. The prescription of precisely fitting knee bandages and orthotics is also a part of treatment of the knee. In addition, Dr. Fass has specialized in surgical procedures for an injured meniscus or cruciate ligaments. Here, the techniques utilized are invariably performed as gently as possible and minimally invasively. For the patient, arthroscopy means the smallest possible skin incision, a shorter hospital stay or even out-patient surgery and a comparatively rapid healing process. From the first discussion of the treatment up to rehabilitation and follow-up care, Dr. Fass at the Freiburg Orthocenter is a highly qualified knee specialist who looks forward to your contact request.

Diagnostic Services

  • Clinical examination
  • X-ray diagnostics
  • CT
  • MRI
  • Arthroscopic diagnostics
  • Preventive diagnostics (return to movement –Back to Sports)

Therapeutic Services


  • Partial removal of the meniscus (partial meniscectomy)
  • Meniscal suture
  • Transosseous meniscal root reconstruction, meniscal margin lesions
  • Meniscal replacement

Cruciate ligament: Anterior cruciate ligament repair

  • Preservation of the endogenous cruciate ligament: “internal bracing”
  • Augmentation for anterior cruciate ligament rupture
  • Reconstruction for anterior cruciate ligament rupture

Posterior cruciate ligament repair:

  • Reconstruction for posterior cruciate ligament rupture
  • Reconstruction for posterior cruciate ligament rupture with posterolateral stabilization

Surgery to the peripheral ligaments

  • Reconstruction of the medial collateral ligament with capsule-ligament repair of the posterior oblique ligament
  • Reconstruction of the lateral collateral ligament
  • Lateral extraarticular rotation stabilization of the knee joint following Lemaire procedure (rotation instability)

Cartilage surgery:

  • Microfracture
  • OATS procedure
  • Chondroconductive collagen matrix (ChondroFiller)
  • Cartilage cell transplantation (M-ACT)

Patellar surgery:

  • MPFL procedure
  • Tubercle transfer

Follow-up treatment and rehabilitation:

  • Return to movement – Back to sports: injury prevention and sports performance optimization

Special Offers / Arrangements / Rooms

  • Good transportation connections
  • Parking options
  • Newsletter
  • Knee clinic
  • Aside from German, employees also speak English, French, Arabic and Russian
  • International patients can be treated without any problem
  • Optional benefits such as treatment by the Chief Physician, single room or accommodation of a companion in the Fontana Hospital an den Thermen
  • Conveniently located in Mooswald



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