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In the specialist search paediatric oncology you will find medical experts on carcinoma in children. Your child has leukaemia or a brain tumour and you are looking for a particularly experienced physician? Here you will find selected specialists in paediatric oncology.

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Cancer in children occurs in different forms, has a different course and must be treated differently than cancer in adults. This is why children and young people with cancer require their own specialised physicians and hospitals. Paediatric oncology is a subfield of paediatrics and comprises the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of all types of cancer in children and adolescents. Cancer can already occur in the neonate. However, these days the majority of children with cancer can be cured.

The most common diseases in the field of paediatric oncology include leukaemia, brain tumour, lymphoma, tumour of the sympathetic nervous system, soft tissue sarcoma, renal tumour and bone tumour.

In Germany, children and adolescents suffering from cancer are treated through unified systems according to the therapeutic plans of the So­cie­ty for Pa­ed­ia­tric On­co­lo­gy and Hae­ma­to­lo­gy Association (GPOH). These systems are at the current state of research. Treatments within paediatric oncology must be adapted to the infantile and youthful organism. Most children with cancer undergo chemotherapy and radiation.

Children with cancer should be treated in specialised clinics focusing on paediatric oncology.


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