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Information about pain

Pain is a complex, subjective sensory perception which is usually perceived as unpleasant or unbearable. Its function a warning sign, pain is only an acute symptom of an underlying disease.

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If pain exists for a longer period of time, it can turn into a chronic pain syndrome and thus forms its own clinical picture. Typical pain syndromes are, e.g. neuropathic pains, somatoform pains, unidentified pains and persistent pains.

Different types of pains

Depending on the cause of the pains, they can be divided into orthopedic, general and tumor pains.

Orthopedic pains such as back pain, joint pain, phantom limb pains or stump pains are all diseases caused by the musculoskeletal system and can be treated via osteopathy, chiropractic, acupuncture or shock wave therapy.

General pains such as muscle tension, nerve pains or persistent pains are often side-effects of underlying diseases or without an identifiable cause. They can be treated via pain therapy, neural therapy or infusion therapy.

Tumor pains are conditions which are caused by various types of cancer such as, e.g. wound pains, surgery pains and cancer pains. They can be treated via pain pump, pain catheter, injection therapy and tumor pain management.

The treatment of pain syndromes and chronic pains is usually carried out in the area of pain medicine.