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In a search for specialists in the pain syndrome you will find medical experts for the psychosomatic treatment of chronic pain syndrome. You have suffered from pain for months for which no physical reasons can be found and are seeking an expert in pain syndrome? Here you will find selected pain syndrome specialists.

Unlike acute pain, the pain in chronic pain syndrome no longer fulfils the signal function that the body is incurring damage or there is a threat that this will occur, but has become an independent clinical picture. In chronic pain syndrome pain has existed for at least 6 months or in any case significantly longer than the actual healing process - usually no medical link can any longer be found between the physical disease and the pain. In addition to physical factors, psychological and social factors play a role in the development and course of chronic pain syndrome. Often the pain becomes the centre of thought and behaviour, which can lead, for example, to depression and social withdrawal while the experience of pain becomes more intense. Thus a vicious cycle has begun.

Typical chronic pain syndromes are head, back, phantom, osteoporosis, face, postoperative, post-traumatic, abdominal, intestinal, rheumatic and tumour pain.

Persons suffering from chronic pain syndrome should be treated with a combination of different therapies (multimodal pain therapy). The experts in pain syndrome presented here respond to the needs of the psychological clinical picture by offering psychosomatic treatment. However, during psychotherapeutic treatment the patient must also make a significant contribution himself.

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