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Information about psyche / nerves

The term psyche, often also called the soul or inner life, comprises the entirety of the human reasoning, sensation, perception and experience. Diseases affecting the psyche are called mental illnesses / issues.

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They are characterized by behavior, sensation, perception and reasoning that strays from the norm. Common mental illnesses are depression, stress disorders, personality disorders, obsessive compulsive disorders as well as burn-out and schizophrenia.

Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of mental illnesses

The medical field of psychiatry attends to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of mental illnesses. The area of psychosomatics works in close relation to psychiatry and attends to the diagnosis and treatment of psychosomatic disorders.

These are physical conditions such as chronic back pains, chronic headaches or pain disorders which have no physical causes but are caused by interactions between mental and physical factors.

Mental and psychosomatic disorders are commonly treated by psycho-therapeutic treatment methods such as conversational therapy, behavioral therapy or psycho-analysis as well as drugs such as antidepressants. Some mental illnesses can be ascribed to neurological causes, such as dementia or brain disorders. In this regard, there are partial correlations between the areas of psychiatry and neurology which attends to the treatment of disorders of the central and peripheral nervous system. Thus, psychiatry and neurology are often combined where neurology is concerned.