83% of people these days suffer back pain – spinal surgeon Dr Gautschi can help

Lecturer Dr Gautschi might not have been expected to think during his medical studies in Basel that he might one day treat one of our society’s most important problems.

Today back pain and spinal diseases figure among the most prevalent diseases and thus also among the most important causes for preventing our western population from working. If statistics are to be believed, back problems already afflict every third adult (tendency rising). In many institutions – from schools, workplace to hospitals – back pain is topic number 1. Yet not only working people suffer from back pain, children and seniors, too, have ever more frequent trouble with their spinal column.

The spinal surgeon, lecturer Dr Gautschi, has been involved for over 20 years in the structure, diagnosis and disease of the spinal column, something which he is also able to clearly prove with over 150 scientific papers. But this is not the only thing: lecturer Dr Gautschi is also an expert in treating brain and bone marrow diseases. „Chiefly topics interest me such as craniocerebral trauma, degenerative vertebral diseases, cranial neurosurgery or spinal traumatology“. His extensive and important post-doctoral thesis, for example, is concerned with so-called „subjective and objective outcome analysis in spinal column surgery“.

Dr Gautschi who lectures at the University of Geneva is a veritable asset for teaching. But his expertise is very much in demand as a specialist, too: Lecturer Dr Gautschi is senior physician at the Hospital for Neurosurgery of the University Hospital Geneva and works as an attending physician at the Neuro- and Spinal Centre of the Hirslanden Clinic St. Anna in Lucerne.

The Leading Medicine Guide expert also treats tumour diseases of the spinal column, spinal and cranial traumatology, vertebral fractures, osteoporosis, degenerative diseases, incl. stabilisation and vertebral prosthetics. His knowledge is particularly outstanding in minimally invasive surgery and general cranial neurosurgery. As a specialized expert he advances clinical research and is also very frequently consulted for a second opinion or revision surgery.

While lecturer Dr Gautschi was spending two years in Perth (Australia), „I was able to consolidate and further expand my knowledge in healing fractures in trauma patients“, which very much enhances his medical work today.

Today he draws on the latest so-called navigation-based technologies to make complex spinal procedures as minimally invasive and safe as possible. „I am also thinking here of my colleagues – who would otherwise be frequently exposed to x-rays. My colleagues’ and patients’ welfare is very much on my mind.“ Today this can be greatly reduced thanks to new process techniques.

Thank you for the great conversation, lecturer Dr Gautschi!

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