Special Clinical Focus

  • Minimally invasive abdominal surgery (keyhole surgery)
  • Colorectal surgery
  • Surgery for chronic inflammatory bowel conditions
  • Surgery on the rectum
  • Bowel cancer surgery
  • Rectal cancer surgery

About us

Prof. Béla Teleky is a specialist colorectal surgeon in Vienna. Here, he is the Assistant Head of Ward 21D of the Clinical Department of General Surgery at the University Hospitals of the General Hospital, Vienna. Prof. Béla Teleky also heads the Rectal Clinic, which is one of the specialist clinics of the Clinical Department of General Surgery. The specialist Rectal Clinic is available to patients with anal, rectal and colonic conditions. These include, for example, bowel cancer, familial colonic conditions or chronic inflammatory bowel conditions. Surgical endocrinology, the Endoscopy Clinic (gastroscopy or colonoscopy), the Liver Clinic and the Breast Clinic represent further emphases. As well, the team of experts offers specialist clinics in the areas of the pancreas / gallbladder, oesophagus / stomach / obesity, surgical functional diagnostics and a Pelvic Floor Clinic.

Prof. Teleky has cared for his patients as a specialist bowel surgeon for over 30 years. At the same time, he places particular value on interdisciplinary collaboration with medical practitioners in other departments and on international  knowledge exchange in order to be able to benefit from the rapid advances in medicine. In this regard, Prof. Teleky also sees himself as a case manager, who weighs up all the therapeutic options for his patients in order to select the best possible treatment. The specialist bowel surgeon in Vienna collaborates, for example, with gastroenterologists, pathologists, oncologists, radiologists, radiotherapists and other surgeons. Today, decisions concerning the treatment of a cancer condition should only be made by tumour boards. With interdisciplinary collaboration, an individual treatment plan can be created for each individual patient in order to provide him with the best possible care.

At the same time, Prof. Teleky and, in particular, his patients, benefit from the long-standing international transfer of knowledge, which is a regular occurrence for specialist bowel surgeons, at national and international conferences. He finds this particularly important since medical advances progress so quickly today that knowledge can be gained not just from books. Thanks to this constant exchange, the experts can together develop standards and guidelines for bowel surgery. Because of the enormous importance of the transnational transfer of knowledge, in 2003, Prof. Béla Teleky founded the “EFR - European Federation for coloRectal Cancer”. As President of the EFR, he organises a regular conference in Vienna, where participants from Europe, Asia and America gather together in order to be able to exchange views on the latest research results.

Prof. Teleky’s range of services, of course, includes everything for the progress of a required treatment in the course of bowel surgery. He also performs preliminary examinations himself, however, or organises these for his patients, in order that the treatment results of a full body check are available as quickly as possible. Prof. Teleky also provides the following treatments following a thorough diagnosis: oncological surgery, laparoscopic surgery (keyhole technique), vascular surgery, enteroscopy (colonoscopy) and gastroscopy. By means of these diagnostic and treatment techniques, the specialist bowel surgeon in Vienna can treat both benign and malignant conditions. These include, for example, haemorrhoids, anal fistulae, anal fissures, reflux disease, pelvic floor conditions or polyps. Prof. Teleky also treats malignant conditions. Together with colonic and rectal cancer, these also include pancreatic cancer and oesophageal or gastric cancer.

In 2012, Prof. Teleky was awarded the “Gold Order of Merit for Services to the State of Vienna” and was honoured as a “Successful Conference Organiser 2011 in Vienna” since, thanks to the seventh international Conference of the EFR, around 400 participants from 36 countries came to Vienna. They accepted Prof. Teleky’s invitation with the objective of intensifying international research into cancer of the colon.

Private Practice:

Hohe Warte 56, A - 1190 Vienna (please insert Google site-map and accessibility by public transport)
Prof. Béla Teleky
Specialist General and Vascular Surgeon

Diagnostic Services

A state of the art Radiology Department with all radiological  diagnostic facilities is available at the Medical University Hospital Vienna. Nuclear medical investigations such as PET-CT and PET-MR can also be provided. Prompt examination appointments can be arranged thanks to the close contact with highly qualified specialised medical facilities. Prof. Béla Teleky is also able to perform colonoscopy and gastroscopy.

Therapeutic Services

As a specialist in the field of abdominal surgery, Prof. Teleky provides all modern surgical techniques. Thanks to his close co-operation with the Departments of Anaesthesia and Internal Medicine, perfect peri-operative care with the shortest possible hospital stay is guaranteed.

Special Offers / Arrangements / Rooms

  • On request, a limousine service with airport pickup can be organised.
  • Interpreters with medical knowledge in a variety of languages are available.
  • Thanks to occupancy in a wide variety of private hospitals, room preferences such as single rooms can be organised.
  • Hotel rooms near the hospital can be reserved for relatives.
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Other services

  • Colorectal carcinoma
  • Rectal cancer
  • Cancer of the colon
  • Ulcerative colitis
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Diverticulitis

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