Otolaryngology (ENT) - Medical specialists

The nose, ears and throat are closely connected. For this reason, the medical speciality of otorhinolaryngology deals with all diseases that can occur in the ears, nose, throat and oral cavity. The vocal apparatus, the upper and lower respiratory tract and the esophagus are also part of ENT, as it is usually called.

This also makes it clear that there are many diseases that fall into the field of ear, nose and throat medicine. In addition to classical diseases such as inflammation of the tonsils, the sinuses or the middle ear, nasal polyps, diphtheria and the distortion of the nasal septum are among the diseases treated more frequently. Topics such as snoring and sleep apnoea, sudden deafness and tinnitus or loss of taste and smell also fall within the scope of the respective specialists.

ENT specialists do not only use conservative methods such as medication or oxygen therapies. Nose or ear corrections, larynx surgery, surgeries on polyps or the endoscopic removal of foreign bodies are representative of the broad surgical field of this specialist area.

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