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Since its establishment, the Leading Medicine Guide has been co-operating with exclusive and renowned co-operation and media partners.

They support the idea of transparent expert medicine.

The successful meeting of renowned scientists, experienced surgeons and international experts in recent years emphasizes the importance of a hernia experts network - since 2017 for Switzerland as well. For this reason, the Swiss Hernia Days were initiated. They serve as an ideal place to go for a close professional exchange among national and international colleagues.

Demand for information is huge when it comes to diseases like breast cancer, ovarial cancer, and intestinal cancer. Most people have difficulties understanding medical jargon, especially when they have been diagnosed with cancer. What is it like to live with cancer? How can you deal with this situation? Where can you get help? Mamma Mia's magazines offer profound and helpful information!

The independent online platform Qualitä assesses the quality of medical institutions by means of empirically and legally sound evaluation methods. Qualitä is being supported by expert committees belonging to various hospital groups and scientific institutions. Hence, it creates transparency and, at the same time, renders possible a thorough comparison.

SOS Children’s Villages helps children in need of family-based child care in the poorest regions of the world. The organization has 567 independent and non-governmental Children’s Villages, and supports handicapped people, the elderly, and children and families in conflict areas worldwide.

The social organization Aktion Mensch was initiated through the Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen, a German television broadcaster. The goal is to help socially deprived children, teenagers, and adults to become integrated into our society.

me2 stands for medicine and media, which are being effectively combined at the Medizin- und Medien-Institut. The experienced doctor and media expert Dr. Heimann transforms information into news, with the help of his medical and scientific knowledge.

The luxury magazine “feine adressen” (fine adresses) comes out four times a year in both the German and English languages in 16 regions (Berlin, Cologne, Munich, Frankfurt, …). The magazine informs on culture, gourmet, living, travel, event, fashion, beauty, and health highlights in the particular city, as well as on experts of the Leading Medicine Guide. You can get the magazine at doctor’s practices and private clinics, as well as in luxury hotels, exclusive restaurants, golf clubs, attorney’s offices, and airports.

The senate of economy consists of business representatives, and important figures from science and society, who are aware of their responsibility towards the state and society. Together, they make sure that goals of the senate and decision makers from politics, business, culture, and media are transformed into action. This work is shaped by fairness and partnership in business, and social competence of entrepreneurs and executives.

Hepatology is a specific field of treatment of gastroenterology, with focus on liver and bile duct diseases. Hepatological suffering is often recognized too late, this face a huge challenge to  medicial experts and clinics. The International Conference of Hepatology is a global event ewith over 3,000 inspiring speakers and leading medical experts from all over the world.
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