Everything you need to know about your condition

Medical expert knowledge from head to toe: Leading Medicine Guide provides you with the most relevant detailed and well-founded information on various diseases. You will learn everything about causes, symptoms and treatments - easy to understand, explained by experts.

In modern medicine, specialists work together on an interdisciplinary basis. Patients as human beings are always the focus of attention. Learn more about your illness here and find the right specialist for you!

Diseases according to ICD-10

Overview first: All categories are strictly sorted according to the chapters of the ICD-10 - the International Classification of Diseases. As a diagnosis key and catalogue of acute and chronic, congenital and acquired diseases, this code is valid worldwide.

Each medical finding can be brought exactly to the point via an ICD-10 code: What is affected? What is the cause of the illness or injury? How severe are the symptoms? Here you will find all disease categories - from respiration, circulation, muscles and bones to digestion and injuries.

Diseases from A to Z

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