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In medicine it assumes a special role: Psychiatry focuses on the research, diagnosis and therapy of mental illnesses. The rehabilitation of mentally ill people - as well as life-accompanying measures - also belong to the field of psychiatry.

The mental disorders diagnosed and treated in psychiatry include depression, schizophrenia and anxiety disorders. The burnout syndrome and somatoform disorders also belong to the field of psychiatrists who have completed further training as specialists in psychiatry and psychotherapy. Important elements of therapy at a psychiatrist or in a clinic for psychiatry and psychotherapy are behavior therapy and talk therapy.

Psychiatry includes several fields - such as psychopathology, pharmacopsychiatry or forensic and biological psychiatry.

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In the specialist search psychiatry, you will find specialists in psychiatry. You are suffering from schizophrenia, depression, panic attacks or claustrophobia, or need a specialist for psychiatry for the treatment of an obsessive-compulsive disorder? Here you will find selected specialists in psychiatry.

Specialist in psychiatry/psychiatrist

A psychiatrist is an expert on the prevention, diagnostics and therapy of mental disorders. The objective of the specialist in psychiatry is to decrease or cure psychic suffering and improve the quality of life of patients. A psychiatrist studies and treats pathological changes and disorders of the emotions, thought, or mood, drive, memory or experience and behaviour. The most frequent diseases in psychiatry include depression, manias, burnout syndrome, obsessive-compulsive disorders, borderline disorders, schizophrenia, paranoia, attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder in adults (ADHS), post-traumatic stress disorders and sleep disorders.

Psychiatrists have knowledge of diagnostic procedures and about disease-related pre- and post-diagnostic treatment. To become a specialist in psychiatry, a physician must complete five years of postgraduate training.

Therapeutic range of services of psychiatry

The therapeutic range of services of psychiatry includes, among other things, withdrawal from addictions (alcohol, drugs, smoking/nicotine), psychotraumatology, talk therapy, psychotic disorders, psychoanalysis, behavioural therapy, art therapy, sports therapy and light therapy.

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  • At least 10 years of experience in medical treatment
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  • Representative number of annual surgeries, treatments and therapies
  • Outstanding focus of treatment in their special field
  • Active member of a leading national medical society
  • Managerial position
  • Active participation in medical conferences, symposia etc.
  • Research and teaching
  • Reputation and recommendation
  • Quality management
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