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Hernia surgery is in fact a subfield of visceral surgery, i.e. abdominal surgery. But this field is becoming more and more important. This is mainly due to the high number of inguinal hernias, by far the most common hernia worldwide. But what exactly is a hernia? The answer is quite simple: a hernia is a gap in the connective tissue through which - in the case of an inguinal hernia - a piece of intestine slides through the abdominal wall into the groin.

Hernia surgery includes surgical procedures for the treatment of a wide variety of hernia types: These range from inguinal hernia to femoral hernia, umbilical hernia, scar hernia and diaphragmatic hernia.

By the way, the diaphragmatic hernia is called hiatus hernia by physicians. There are also paraesophageal and axial hernias: In paraesophageal hernias a part of the stomach pushes through the hernial orifice, in axial sliding hernias the stomach entrance (cardia) slips into the posterior mediastinum. Today, nets are increasingly used for surgery. How does this work? Read more!

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Recommended experts for hernia surgery - Qualifications and range of services of hernia surgeons

In the medical specialist search for hernia surgery, you can find medical experts for the operative treatment of hernias or bowel or soft tissue protrusions.

You have an inguinal hernia, a diaphragmatic hernia or an umbilical hernia and are looking for an experienced specialist in hernia surgery? Here, you can find select hernia specialists in hernia centers.

General information on hernias

The term 'hernias' is used by physicians to summarize all bowel or soft tissue protrusions on the abdominal wall. In a hernia, bowel parts protrude from the abdominal cavity through a congenital or acquired gap (the so-called hernial orifice) in the layers that form the abdominal wall. These protruding bowel parts, e.g. parts of the intestine, are also referred to as hernial contents. They are enclosed in the peritoneum and form a sac-like protrusion, also referred to as hernial sac.

Basically, a distinction is made between external hernias that protrude from inside the body in the direction of the skin and are palpable and visible from outside, and internal hernias that occur within the trunk. The external hernias include for instance groin hernias (inguinal hernias), navel hernias (umbilical hernias), thigh hernias (femoral hernias) below the inguinal ligament, incisional hernias in the region of surgical scars, parastomal hernias in the region of artificial anuses or stomas, and epigastric hernias on the mid-line of the upper abdomen. Diaphragmatic hernias (hiatal hernias), on the other hand, are internal hernias.

Find further detailed information on types of hernias and hernia surgery >>

Specialists in hernia surgery / hernia specialists

Hernia specialists are experienced and qualified surgeons with focus on general and visceral surgery, who are specialized in the surgical treatment of hernias. Since they perform hernia operations in patients with inguinal hernias, diaphragmatic hernias, femoral hernias, umbilical hernias and other types of hernias on a regular basis, they verifiably have great experience and professional expertise in the field of hernia surgery.

Experienced specialists in hernia surgery are working primarily in hernia centers certified by the German Hernia Society (DHG) and the German Society of General and Visceral Surgery (DGAV). These are surgical clinics or specialist departments that have been awarded the "DHG Seal for Quality-Assured Hernia Surgery" and/or the certificate for competence centers or reference centers in hernia surgery.

Therapeutic range of services of hernia surgery

Visceral hernias by now belong to the most common surgical diseases in Germany, with meanwhile over 350,000 hernia operations being performed every year in German hospitals. The specialists in hernia surgery have a wide range of therapeutic services at their disposal for the surgical treatment of visceral hernias. Thus, the spectrum of operations of hernia surgery ranges from simple suture closure of hernias to reconstructions of the abdominal wall, and up to abdominal wall replacement by synthetic meshes or biological meshes. The hernia operations can be carried out either conventionally in the scope of an open intervention, or as minimally invasive surgery using endoscopic or laparoscopic procedures.

How can I find the "best hospital" for hernia surgery?

It is not possible to designate a hospital as "best hospital" or "top hospital" for hernia surgery. But there are indeed doctors and hospitals that have specialized in the operative treatment of hernias and have great experience. You can find these experts for hernia operations in the Leading Medicine Guide.

What is it that makes our physicians specialists for hernia surgery?

Only select, highly qualified medical experts and specialists from Germany are presented in the Leading Medicine Guide. All hernia surgeons have great professional expertise and excellent experience in the field of hernia surgery.

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