Overview: The medical specialties

The direct way to the right specialist

When it comes to finding the right specialist, the first question that comes to mind is: Which specialty is actually needed? Don't worry: Once you have identified the right specialist for the respective complaints, you will already be on the right track! However, sometimes even doctors cannot answer this question at once.

Because the 34 official specialties repeatedly overlap. It is often only clear after an examination which specialist is the right one - or which specialist areas have to work together on an interdisciplinary basis in order to provide treatment. Once this is clear, however, the search is not difficult at all: In order to provide patients and their relatives with useful, easily understandable and reliable help, Leading Medicine Guide has listed all the specialties in a well-structured manner. Because transparency is particularly important to us.

And that's not all: You can also see what medical specializations there are. The listed specializations provide further information - and give you exactly those physicians who have dedicated themselves to the topic in question. You can rely on this: All the doctors listed here are proven specialists who have completed several years of training in their specialty and have a wealth of experience.

These are the medical specialties and the specializations: Find recommended specialists!

Detailed listing: Here you can find information about medical fields - and get specific recommendations for specialists. The profiles of the respective physicians provide you with many additional interesting details and give you a comprehensive picture. Perfect: You can even contact your specialist directly via the personal contact form!



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