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Here you will find medical specialists in the medical field Trauma surgery. All listed physicians are specialists in their field and have been carefully selected for you according to the strict Leading Medicine guidelines. The experts are looking forward to your inquiry.

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In a search for specialists in the area of trauma surgery, you will find medical experts for the diagnosis and treatment of all diseases of the supporting and locomotor system. You have a cruciate ligament rupture, a broken bone or a joint fracture, spinal cord injury or suffer from a herniated disc and are seeking an experienced specialist in trauma surgery? Here you will find selected specialists for trauma surgery.

Specialist in trauma surgery/trauma surgeon

Trauma surgery experts work primarily with reconstructive joint surgery including arthroscopic procedures and the treatment of fractures with modern implants. The trauma surgeon is also specialized in replacing diseased or damaged joints by an endoprosthesis (artificial joint). This operation takes place particularly in the area of the hip joint, the knee joint and the shoulder joint. In addition to endoprosthetics, the most common operations in orthopaedics include cruciate ligament replacement, partial meniscectomy, intervertebral disc operations, forefoot operations, shoulder luxation and operations on the rotator cuff.

In addition to specialised surgical skills, specialists in trauma surgery mainly have knowledge of diagnostic procedures, as well as disease-related pre- and postoperative treatment. To become a specialist in trauma surgery, a physician must complete six years of postgraduate training. This specialist training must be completed in surgery.

Therapeutic range of services of trauma surgery

The therapeutic range of services of trauma surgery comprises, for the most part, the treatment of fractures with modern implants, minimally invasive surgery, endoscopy, reconstructive joint surgery and endoprosthetics (artificial joints, joint replacement, endoprosthesis, McMinn prosthesis, cap prosthesis, short shaft prosthesis), discoplasty, treatment of spinal cord injuries, hand and foot surgery, plastic surgery and replantation surgery, knee, pelvic and shoulder surgery, spinal surgery and neurotraumatology and orthopaedic foot surgery.

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