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A multi-stage process: Basic requirements and specialization criteria for each specialist area

Every doctor in the Leading Medicine Guide has the highest level of training and certification from the respective scientific specialty society. Before admission to the Leading Medicine Guide is reviewed in detail according to the requirements of the individual specialties, at least six of the following eight basic requirements must be met:

  • At least 10 years experience in medical treatment
  • Mastery of modern diagnostic and surgical procedures
  • Outstanding focus of treatment in their special field
  • Active member of a leading national medical society
  • Managerial position
  • Active participation in professional medical events
  • Active in research and teaching
  • Evaluated quality management

Following the basic requirements, the specialization criteria are reviewed for each specialist area. This is based on the case numbers of the specialist societies (operations, treatments, therapies) and the other criteria of the individual specialist societies. The exact number of criteria to be fulfilled by the doctor for membership of the Leading Medicine Guide therefore depends on the specialty.

Following discussions with the doctors and the managing directors of the medical facilities and a subsequent internal review, positive results lead to admission to the Leading Medicine Guide.

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