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Find here exactly the right specialist for your symptoms. An experienced specialist who will really help. Whether it's a serious illness, a chronic condition or a pending operation - to rely on experienced doctors will make you feel more comfortable. That's why it's crucial to rely on exactly the right specialists. On highly specialized physicians with outstanding specialist knowledge and international recognition. Play it safe: Contact us directly!
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The acceptance criteria for our experts

  • At least 10 years surgical and treatment experience
  • Mastery of modern diagnostic and surgical techniques
  • Representative number of surgical procedures, treatments and therapeutic procedures
  • Prominent treatment emphases within your own specialist field
  • Active member of a leading national specialist association
  • Leading professional position
  • Active participation in professional events (e.g. presentations)
  • Active in research and teaching
  • Acceptance among medical practitioners and colleagues
  • Evaluated quality management (e.g. certification)


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