Search for doctors

You are looking for an experienced specialist offering a range of services focused on your complaints? Congratulations: You are on the right track!

Because that is what our search for doctors is all about: We connect you directly with the specialist who can really help you. Enter your symptoms, the disease type or the diagnostic method you are looking for in the search line above - and you will find the specialist you have been looking for for a long time.

It doesn't matter whether it's an illness or a chronic condition, an upcoming surgery or a medical second opinion: You can rely on highly specialized, internationally recognized medical professionals who have an outstanding expertise!

By the way: Don't apply too strict criteria when looking for a doctor! If the doctor of your choice is not in the area you are looking for: Your health is at stake, and what physician treats you should be the first priority. The specialists recommended by the Leading Medicine Guide know this - and are generally happy to arrange accommodation for relatives. So: Contact them right away!
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