Prof. - Karl-Heinz Frosch - Orthopedics -

Prof. Karl-Heinz Frosch

Specialist for Orthopedics, Trauma surgery, Sports traumatology, Knee surgery, Sports surgery, Sports Orthopedics in Hamburg

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20246 Hamburg
+49 40 79729709 (Landline at local rates)
Prof. - Karl-Heinz Frosch - Orthopedics -
Prof. Karl-Heinz Frosch Specialist for Orthopedics, Trauma surgery, Sports traumatology, Knee surgery, Sports surgery, Sports Orthopedics in Hamburg
+49 40 79729709 (Landline at local rates)
Prof. Frosch has made a name for himself as a knee specialist: whether it concerns the meniscus, the cruciate ligament or artificial knee joints. However, the specialist, who is also an experienced sports traumatologist, always tries to artificial knee joints. His high level of expertise makes him particularly popular among top athletes.

Special Clinical Focus

  • Complex knee joint surgery
  • Cartilage cell transplantation
  • Cartilage-bone cylinder transplantation (OTC)
  • Meniscal replacement
  • Arthroscopic knee surgery
  • Corrective osteotomy
  • Knee endoprosthetics

About us Prof. Karl-Heinz Frosch in Hamburg

Prof. Karl-Heinz Frosch is a knee specialist in Hamburg. As an expert in knee surgery, he is the Director of the Clinic and Polyclinic for Trauma Surgery and Orthopedics at the Hamburg-Eppendorf University Hospital (UKE). Prof. Frosch is highly specialized in the field of complex knee surgery, the treatment of cruciate ligament rupture, meniscal injury, arthritis of the knee joint and patellar luxation, as well as bony fractures and severe injury to the lower extremities. The particular treatment emphases of Prof. Frosch in Hamburg include arthroscopic knee surgery, corrective osteotomy and meniscal replacement. In addition, Prof. Frosch has extensive experience in cartilage-bone cylinder transplantation (OTC) and the transplantation of endogenous cartilage cells in order to treat cartilage injuries to the knee joint as optimally as possible. In addition, Prof. Frosch also specializes in the treatment of malposition, both congenital and following trauma, in the area of the knee joint. Approximately 70% of all surgery performed by Prof. Frosch is revision surgery. Above all, this applies to the posterior cruciate ligament. As one of the few experts, Prof. Frosch also performs surgery for injuries to the posterior oblique ligament (which is also damaged in approximately 80% of cases of posterior cruciate ligament rupture) purely arthroscopically, i.e. with only very small skin incisions, without the generally conventional large skin incisions. The knee joint is the most frequently injured joint of the body. As a result, due to the complex structure, complicated surgical procedures also ensue, which require profound knowledge and particular experience in the field of knee joint surgery. Sports injuries to the knee joint can be patellar luxations, ruptures, fractures or cruciate ligament tears, for example. Prof. Frosch specializes in these injuries. Here, the concept is to preserve the patient’s own knee joint as much as possible, even for severe injuries or advanced arthritis, and to avoid the implantation an artificial knee joint. Particularly in advanced age, degenerative conditions (arthritis) can result in pain in the knee, which also requires an optimal treatment at an advanced age. As a former competitive sportsman, Prof. Frosch has experience in sports traumatology and experience in the treatment of top-ranking athletes. The clinic collaborates closely with the Hamburg / Schleswig-Holstein Olympic Center.
Diagnostic Services
  • Conventional x-ray
  • Retained knee joint exposures
  • Sonography
  • Magnetic resonance imaging
  • Computed tomography
  • Skeletal scintigraphy
Therapeutic Services
  • Treatment of sports injuries
  • Treatment of cruciate ligament injuries, in particular, also posterior cruciate ligament rupture and knee joint luxation
  • Treatment of severe injuries
  • Treatment of fractures, above all, of the lower extremities
  • Bone lengthening, pseudarthrosis treatment
  • Intra-articular and extra-articular corrective osteotomy, in particular, of the lower extremities

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