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From the time of birth until the age of sixteen - that's when a lot of things have to be taken care of in surgery. This is why the spectrum of pediatric surgery is so broad: from general surgery, visceral and thoracic surgery to vascular surgery and plastic surgery, pediatric surgeons look after their little patients.

From congenital defects such as skeletal deformities to disorders of the central nervous system, tumors and hernias: when children become ill, it often involves several organs. Therefore, pediatric surgeons always have the whole body in their focus.

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Pediatric Surgery - Further information

In the search for specialists in paediatric surgery, you will find medical experts for treatment and surgical procedures in the speciality of paediatric surgery. Your child is suffering from a concussion, appendicitis, a broken bone or has cancer and you need an experienced paediatric surgeon? Here you will find selected specialists in paediatric surgery.

Specialist in paediatric surgery/paediatric surgeon

A paediatric surgeon is an expert in the surgical treatment and follow-up of a variety of diseases, deformities, tumours and injuries of children. The most common operations in paediatric surgery are hernia operations, the stabilisation of broken bones (with and without metal stabilisation), appendectomy, operations on the foreskin and the operation for testicular relocation.

In addition to professional operative knowledge, paediatric surgeons also have knowledge about diagnostic procedures, as well as disease-related pre- and postoperative treatment. To become a specialist in paediatric surgery, a physician must complete six years of postgraduate training.

Therapeutic range of services in paediatric surgery

The therapeutic range of services of paediatric surgery comprises for the most part abdominal surgery (stomach surgery), anorectal manometry, endoscopy, endosonography and sonography, hemangioma, hand surgery, hydrocephalus surgery, paediatric traumatology, paediatric urology, craniosynostosis, laser therapy, voiding cystourethrography, minimal invasive surgery, neonatal and premature surgery, renal scintigraphy, thoracic surgery, tumour surgery, urodynamic examinations, uroflowmetry and burns/scalds.

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