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When diseases, injuries or malformations in the chest need to be treated, the thoracic surgeon takes action. The thorax consists of the pleura, the bronchi, the lungs and the windpipe. The mediastinum, as the space between the sternum and the thoracic spine is called, also belongs to the field of thoracic surgery.

Whether it's pneumonia, an inflammation of the pleura or an accumulation of pus in the thorax, which in turn can be the result of a lung abscess, or if air enters the pleural cavity causing a so-called pneumothorax - these are all areas of application for thoracic surgery. Specialists for thoracic surgery also deal with congenital malformations of the thorax such as funnel chests, tumors in the chest cavity and - together with the oncologist - lung cancer and lung metastases.

Of course, as in all areas of surgery, this also includes those therapies that do not require surgery. In the case of the thorax, for example, these include radiation therapy or chemotherapy to treat lung cancer or the use of antibiotics.

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Thoracic surgery - Further information

In the search for specialists in thoracic surgery you will find medical experts for treatment and surgical procedures in the speciality of thoracic surgery. You have lung cancer or subphrenic cancer and require an experienced thoracic surgeon? Here you will find selected specialists in thoracic surgery.

Specialist in thoracic surgery/thoracic surgeon

A thoracic surgeon is a specialist in operations for the treatment and diagnosis of diseases of the lungs, the bronchus, chest, trachea, diaphragmatic pleura and the diaphragm. The surgical treatment of all benign and malignant tumour disease of the lungs, the chest and the diaphragm represents the medical focus of the qualified thoracic surgeon. Lung and bronchial carcinoma, tumours of the mediastinum, trachea and chest wall are the most frequent types of thoracic surgery.

In addition to professional operative knowledge, thoracic surgeons also have knowledge about diagnostic procedures, as well as disease-related pre- and postoperative treatment. To become a specialist in thoracic surgery, a physician must complete six years of postgraduate training.

Therapeutic range of services of thoracic surgery

The therapeutic range of services of the thoracic surgeon comprises in particular percussion, imaging procedures, thoracocentesis, pleural puncture, thorax drainage, thoracotomy (opening the thorax), thoracic surgical treatments and interventions, minimally invasive operations (keyhole surgery), laser surgery, mediastinoscopy, video-assisted thoracoscopy, partial lung resections, lymphadenectomy and lung transplants.

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