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In the search for specialists in ear, nose and throat you will find medical experts for treatment and surgical intervention in the speciality of diseases of the ear, nose and throat. You have laryngeal cancer, suffer from tinnitus, a sudden hearing loss or vertigo and are seeking an expert in ENT? Here you will find selected specialists for ear, nose and throat.

Specialist in ear, nose and throat/ear, nose and throat physician

An ear, nose and throat physician, also called ENT, is an expert on diseases of the ear, nose and throat. Removal of neck lymph nodes or tonsils (polyps), nasal septum corrections, microsurgery to correct hearing and the placement of tympanostomy tubes are the best known surgeries of the ENT specialist. The most common operations of the ear, nose and throat include adenotomy, paracentesis, tympanostomy drainage, correction of incorrect earlobe placement and tonsillectomy.

Ear, nose and throat specialists possess, in addition to specialised operative knowledge, knowledge about diagnostic procedures and disease-related pre- and postoperative procedures. To become a specialist in ENT, a physician must complete five years of postgraduate training.

Therapeutic range of services of ear, nose and throat

The therapeutic range of services of otorhinolaryngology comprises, for the most part, adenotomy (operative removal of the pharyngeal tonsil or polyps), microsurgery of the ear and lateral skull base, salivary gland surgery, functional and aesthetic nasal surgery, hearing retention with acoustic neurinoma, inner ear implant, cochlear implant, tympanum prosthesis and closure of tympanotic defects, nasal sinus surgery, surgery of the pharynx, laser surgery, otoscopy, nasal and epipharyngoscopy, therapy for salivary calculi and salivary tumours, lithotripsy and tumour surgery of the salivary glands, head-neck tumour, laryngeal carcinoma, pharyngeal carcinoma and glossal carcinoma.

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