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When something is affecting our kidneys - that is a case for the nephrologist. In fact, kindney diseases can be the result of a variety of causes. The two organs shaped like beans are responsible for the important detoxification of the body. They filter all kinds of residues that accumulate in the blood during our metabolic and combustion processes - and then discharge them with the urine. It is also clear that as soon as the kidneys are not working properly, i.e. as soon as there is renal insufficiency, the whole body is affected.

As a part of internal medicine, nephrology also has an important function, as it focuses on diseases and functional disorders of the kidneys. In addition to kidney insufficiency, kidney stones - or kidney grit, which consists of crystallised, insoluble salts that accumulate in the kidney or renal pelvis - can also be a cause of kidney failure.

Since the kidneys perform their work via the blood throughout the body, kidney dysfunction is often the result of other diseases. There are kidney deficiencies caused by diabetes, because blood sugar damages the kidneys. Even high blood pressure or viral infections can seriously affect the activity of the kidneys - and of course toxins. Whether congenital or acquired: If the filter performance is too low, the kidneys must be cleaned regularly by a blood purification process - i.e. dialysis. If a kidney transplant is required, nephrologists prepare the surgery - and continue to care for the patient afterwards.

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Nephrology - Further information

In the search for specialists in nephrology you will find medical experts for treatment and therapy in the speciality of nephrology. You have kidney stones or are suffering from chronic renal failure and need an experienced nephrologist. Here you will find selected specialists in the field of nephrology.

Specialist in nephrology

The specialist in nephrology is a specialist in the efferent and productive urinary organs. Nephrology is a subspeciality of internal medicine. This discipline involves serious kidney disorders such as renal carcinoma as well as problems involving urinary calculi, renal calculi or kidney transplantation. However, the nephrologist also handles diseases of the kidneys that have an effect on the entire organism, such as for example on the blood pressure.

Therapeutic range of services of nephrology

An important treatment by the specialist in nephrology is dialysis, so-called renal replacement therapy. This is used for patients who must live with only one kidney or have impaired renal function. In such a situation, the nephrologist must differentiate between haemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis.


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