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Dr med. Enrico Pöschmann

Specialist for hernia surgery in Thalwil / Zurich

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Dr - Enrico Pöschmann - Hernia surgery -
Dr med. Enrico Pöschmann Specialist for hernia surgery in Thalwil / Zurich
+41 44 7208811 (Landline at local rates)
Dr Pöschmann completely covers the entire spectrum of modern hernia surgery – with excellent diagnostics and innovative surgical procedures. He has a lot of experience, especially with complex hernias, such as incisional hernias, rectus diastases or athlete's groin. Thus, the Herniacenter Switzerland has quickly established itself as a high-class point of contact. Meanwhile, it has 2 locations in the canton of Zurich and others in Schaffhausen, Schwyz and Zug and acts as an recognized competence centre, also in cooperation with various hospitals and practice groups.

Special Clinical Focus

  • Operations for all types of abdominal wall hernias and hiatal hernias, including complex revision procedures and corrective surgeries (mainly minimally invasive/keyhole surgery and robot-assisted surgery)
  • Operations for severe adhesions in the abdomen and intestinal obstruction
  • minimally invasive surgery of the abdomen, for example, gall bladder, appendix, small and large intestine, even with malignant tumours and metastases

About us Dr med. Enrico Pöschmann

A certified competence centre for hernia surgery in Switzerland, which treats all manifestations of these hernias and is considered a high–class point of contact, especially for complex hernias - this is the Herniacenter Switzerland. The self-confident name says it all, because in fact the team headed by Dr med. Enrico Pöschmann has an enormous reputation in all areas from diagnosis to follow-up treatment.

At the gates of the city of Zurich, on the western shore of Lake Zurich, there is an important point of contact for patients with all kinds of hernias. The headquarters of Hernienzentrum Schweiz AG is located in Thalwil. This unique institution of modern high-performance medicine is an innovative centre in which a team of experts, operating according to international standards, has can quickly provide you with exactly the right surgical answers to all questions about complex inguinal hernias, abdominal wall hernias, incisional hernias, hiatal hernias and complicated rectus diastases. This also applies to chronic groin pain and so-called Gilmore’s groin (also known as sportsman’s hernia).

Hernias: fast care at a high level

The certified Herniacenter Switzerland is headed by a specialist who has held leadership positions in several large clinics as an experienced chief consultant: Dr med. Enrico Pöschmann focused on hernias early on – i.e., on abdominal wall and other types of hernias, which are usually caused by weak points in the connective tissue. As a result of this weakness, organs from the abdominal cavity, for example, can bulge towards the outside, which is often only noticeable by swelling at first. As a rule, people notice their hernias when coughing or lifting heavy objects.

Whether it is an inguinal hernia, i.e. the classic inguinal hernia, a hiatal, cicatricial or umbilical hernia: Since real problems often arise quite late, you should get a specialist opinion as soon you as suspect that you might have a hernia. The Swiss Herniacenter is perfectly suited for this, as state-of-the-art diagnostic options are already available in this prestigious centre of competence. The team around Dr Pöschmann uses innovative ultrasound technology - and with the expertise of the experienced specialist, the diagnosis is made accurately. Computed tomography or MRI, if necessary, supplement the examination course.

Almost every hernia that appears requires surgery. In Thalwil and the other locations of the Herniacenter Switzerland, patients are informed in detail about the surgical options – and directly involved in the decision. Because Dr Pöschmann is familiar with all methods of hernia surgery, he therefore is also able to offer a particularly wide range of treatment options for the different forms of abdominal wall hernias.

Enormous range of surgical procedures

The spectrum of the chief consultant from conventional open operations, which in individual cases can still have decisive advantages today, to the latest minimally invasive techniques. As a master of keyhole surgery, he performs interventions in the abdominal wall as well as a laparoscopy. Dr Pöschmann often uses the gentle and safe TAPP procedure for laparoscopy - the transabdominal preperitoneal patch technique and, of course, he also performs robot–assisted procedures (da Vinci operations) at the Herniacenter Switzerland. The variety of surgical techniques has one main reason: The more individually the procedure is tailored to the respective situation, the better the chances of recovery after the operation. For Dr Pöschmann and his team, many factors play a role in this decision: age, general state of health, the size and origin of the hernia. He also attaches great importance to the fact that his patients can return to their usual everyday life as quickly as possible – without pain and restrictions.

In order to achieve this goal, so as to restore the patient’s usual resilience soon after the procedure, Dr Pöschmann often implants meshes. After a detailed consultation, the patients decide whether the supply is carried out with a permanent plastic mesh or with a biodegradable (dissolvable) mesh.

In any case, Dr Pöschmann can assure the people who contact the Herniacenter Switzerland with confidence: Hernia surgery is one of the fields of medicine in which the world has done the most in recent years. As a rule, it is now not only possible to resume sports activities and other physical activities soon after an inguinal hernia or a hiatal hernia, but the risk of relapse has also been significantly reduced by innovative treatment methods – the risk of recurrence has therefore decreased. This is not least due to dedicated specialists such as Dr. med. Enrico Pöschmann, who are not satisfied with the state of modern processes and strive for the further development of existing standards.

Individually defined interventions

It is not only about the surgical procedure that decisions are made together with the persons concerned: The location of the procedure is also determined individually, because the team gathered around Dr Pöschmann uses selected top facilities in and around Zurich. Whether you choose the renowned Privatklinik Bethanien Zürich or the See-Spital Horgen, the Klinik Pyramide am See Zürich or the Zentrumsspital Triemli – all partner clinics feature first-class facilities and have state-of-the-art operating theatres. Of course, this also applies to the ADUS-Klinik Dielsdorf, the Klinik im Park Zürich and the Lachen and Einsiedeln hospitals. Even the Privatklinik Belair in Schaffhausen can be one of the options. Regardless of the location chosen for the surgery, Dr Pöschmann guarantees that an optimally assembled team of specialists, anaesthesiologists and highly trained nurses will be used.

The most common diseases that Dr Pöschmann deals with at the Herniacenter Switzerland are inguinal hernias, which affect men much more often than women, and umbilical hernias, which occur in all age groups and are common in both men and women. Women sometimes suffer umbilical hernias, because the pressure on the navel during pregnancy is immense. Also, incisional hernias, for example, when a hernia forms in the area of the incision after abdominal surgery, because, for example, too early loading has prevented proper healing, are also not uncommon and are treated by Dr Pöschmann and his team of experts using their considerable experience.

Substantial competence in complex hernias

Not quite so common is the hernia of diaphragm - the hiatal hernia. Dr Pöschmann is also familiar with complex variants, when a rupture in the diaphragm occurs due to a weak spot next to the oesophagus. Whether congenital or acquired: This form of hernia can cause parts of the stomach to slip into the chest cavity. This allows stomach acid to get into the oesophagus, which in turn can cause heartburn and a burning sensation in the epigastric region, but also nausea and other problems. Fast treatment - based on an excellent diagnostic workup - is usually essential in this case.

For rectus diastases, patients should also demand a high level of expertise from the treating specialist: If the straight abdominal muscles are separated from each other, this causes pain in the lower back, hips and buttocks, which, in turn, often appears after childbirth. In particular, this afflicts many women who are having their first child - if this happens please contact the Herniacenter Switzerland directly. If you also need abdominoplasty or additional aesthetic surgery, the team is supplemented by specialists in plastic surgery.

Even with a so–called sportsman's hernia, in which even conservative treatment methods often yield success, or if chronic groin pain remains elsewhere after an operation - with his reliable diagnostic workup and targeted therapies, Dr Pöschmann is exactly the right person to contact for any form of hernia.

Dr Pöschmann has acquired his high level of diagnostic and surgical skills through many years of academic and clinical training. Already during his studies at the renowned University of Leipzig, which is one of the oldest universities in the entire German-speaking region and is one of the leading research universities in the field of medicine, hernia surgery was the focus of his professional interest. After that, he worked as a senior consultant at several clinics and was entrusted with a teaching position at the Medical Faculty of the University of Zurich, through which he was able to pass on his expertise. In Zurich, he also acts as head of the Seechirurgie Practice Centre.

Top-notch reputation: Experience in large hospitals

Chief Consultant Dr. med. Enrico Pöschmann is not only an extremely experienced specialist in surgery and trauma surgery – he also holds the position of Managing Director at the Herniacenter Switzerland. As a qualified healthcare economist, he is also a sought-after member for boards of directors and a proven consultant to foundations. His management experience in large clinics makes him the ideal person to contact when it comes to developing cooperation models or establishing high-quality medical centres.

In any case, the Herniacenter Switzerland has long been one of the leading destinations in the country for surgery of abdominal wall and other types of hernias. The is ample evidence to support this reputation: First of all, external quality assurance is carried out via the respected international network Herniamed, in addition to regular certification by the German Hernia Society, which, as an internationally active professional society, has set for itself the goal of constantly improving treatment in hernia surgery and developing modern treatment methods.

Dr. med. Enrico Pöschmann is active internationally as well. His network of top experts is based not only on memberships in various professional societies, which guarantee him the opportunity for worldwide exchange on matters of medical science, but also in the fact that, as a physician with admitting privileges in many hospitals, he is in close contact with numerous colleagues. In this way, as a proven specialist Dr Pöschmann always stays up to date – not only about new diagnostic methods, but also about innovative surgical methods, for example in minimally invasive surgery. No wonder, then, that his expertise is also highly valued for second opinions.

In addition to excellent medical care, patients are also able to enjoy the Herniacenter Switzerland’s inspiring and wonderful location – for example, during outpatient appointments and regular check-ups in which the progress of the healing is checked. Ultimately these stays are pleasant ones, because the quality of care at the Herniacenter Switzerland is exemplary in every respect.


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