Skin cancer

Leading Medicine Guide Editors
Leading Medicine Guide Editors
Skin cancer is typically treated by a multidisciplinary team including, for example, oncologists, radiologists, and pathologists. If you should need some form of reconstructive surgery following your treatment, this will require referral to a plastic surgeon. In addition, your skin cancer specialist will be able to call upon other medical experts to offer support as required.
ICD codes for this diseases: C44, C46, L57, D03, C43

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Skin cancer cases in Germany

155.993 cases in the year 2020
159.491 cases in the year 2023 ( Prognosis )

The predicted increase in case numbers is based on population growth data from the Federal and State Statistical Offices. The calculation is made for each age group, so that demographic effects are taken into account. The case numbers are based on a network of different sources available to the public. By means of data analysis procedures, these figures are processed and made available to our users.

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