Prof. - Detlev Uhlenbrock - Radiology -

Prof. Dr. Detlev Uhlenbrock

Specialist for radiology and neuroradiology in Dortmund

Prof. - Detlev Uhlenbrock - Radiology -
Prof. Uhlenbrock is regarded as an outstanding radiologist in the Ruhr region and beyond and his findings and medical successes are recognised within and outside of Germany's borders. He heads a group of practices that makes a significant contribution to medical care in the Ruhr region and Westphalia.

About us Prof. Dr. Detlev Uhlenbrock

The experienced specialist Prof. Dr. med. Detlev Uhlenbrock works in the entire spectrum of radiology and neuroradiology – and at the highest international level. Since 1993, he has developed his practice into one of the leading medical centres in the Ruhr region: At seventeen locations in clinics and medical centres, patients of Prof. Dr. Uhlenbrock und Partner medical practice can rely on the expertise of Prof. Uhlenbrock and more than 70 specialists and assistant physicians for radiology, radiotherapy and nuclear medicine.

When the Prof. Dr. Uhlenbrock und Partner medical practice received the 2021 German Medical Award in the category "Medical Innovation Award", the international professional world looked to the Ruhr region: the prize was awarded to a practice that explored the boundaries of its discipline from the very beginning to advance solutions with numerous innovations over the course of time.

Prof. Uhlenbrock was always interested in developing and optimising novel methods of diagnostics and therapy. In developing his extensive network of care, the highly specialised physician has always been concerned with improving all aspects of diagnostics and therapy for the benefit of his patients - and in so doing has established less invasive procedures that, for example, provide significantly lower X-ray doses and increased comfort.

Mammography: precise diagnostics for suspected breast cancer

Less stress, more pleasant examinations and, above all, precision in diagnostics –– this is what Prof. Dr. med. Detlev Uhlenbrock delivers with his group of practices. For example, the Uhlenbrock medical practice has a computer tomograph specially developed for breast examinations, which enables a new type of diagnosis of the female breast. This brings together two advantages that seem to contradict each other at first glance: high-resolution 3D image quality meets an extremely reduced X-ray dose.

Breast cancer prevention has always been important to Prof. Uhlenbrock. Therefore, in addition to the innovative breast CT, all other modern methods of breast diagnostics are also used in the practices – from ultrasound examinations and tomosynthesis procedures to comprehensive mammography screening.

State-of-the-art radiology: top equipment for gentle precision

Radiology once marked the beginning of the age of modern medicine and is of fundamental importance for modern healthcare. Prof. Uhlenbrock uses digital X-rays, a modern form of examination based on a digital detector system. Not only is the radiation dose reduced, but the images can be processed electronically and compared with other results.

Magnetic resonance tomography (MRT) provides razor-sharp slice images – and not only in breast diagnostics. In addition to several modern 1.5 Tesla MRTs, the group practice also has several 3 Tesla devices. These devices, which are rarely found in private radiology practices, offer MRT technology at the absolute high-end level. With its 70 cm tube diameter, the 3 Tesla offers maximum comfort. The extraordinary thing, however, is that the 3 Tesla MRI has a precise system that adjusts individually to the respective person – with short, pleasantly quiet examinations.

Interventional radiology: innovative therapies in many areas

Radiology has long been of enormous importance in treatment as well – in the form of interventional radiology. Interventional radiology now uses the highly developed imaging instruments, but in an active sense, to perform gentle therapeutic interventions. Prof. Dr. med. Detlev Uhlenbrock and his team use high-precision radiological imaging techniques such as ultrasound, CT and angiography. For example, the group practice offers periradicular therapy, a pain therapy that helps treat irritated nerve roots.

Vascular medicine is particularly benefiting from the development of this still relatively new field of medicine: interventional radiology allows catheters and stents to be placed or implanted in an extremely gentle way.

Broad spectrum medical practice – radiology, radiotherapy, nuclear medicine

In addition to radiology, Prof. Dr. Uhlenbrock und Partner medical practice offers extensive options for treatment with radiotherapy and nuclear medicine procedures. These specialist areas are also carried out by proven experts. Radiotherapy, which is mainly used to treat tumours, can be used to successfully treat numerous cancers. Tumour cells are destroyed with the use of ionising radiation – avoiding healthy tissue as much as possible. But benign degenerative diseases such as arthrosis, bursitis or tennis elbow can also be specifically treated with radiotherapy. Highly developed procedures and state-of-the-art equipment are also used here in all the practices of the network.

Although radioactive substances are used in the field of nuclear medicine, the radiation dose used is extremely low and does not represent any serious exposure. The possibilities of nuclear medicine are enormous: this method can make metabolic processes visible so that disturbance processes and diseases can be diagnosed at an early stage and treated quickly. Early detection is possible, especially in sensitive areas of the body such as the brain, heart or lungs. Thyroid, kidneys and bones are also often a focus of nuclear medicine.

Precise diagnostics, gentle biopsies, early diagnoses that would have been unimaginable just a few years ago, plus top-class therapies: Radiology, neuroradiology, radiotherapy and nuclear medicine have brought many medical dreams and visions to life. Anyone who is examined today with a high-end 3 Tesla MRI or as part of the mammography screening programme can expect efficient and reliable results. This is particularly true if experienced specialists such as those from the Prof. Dr. Uhlenbrock und Partner medical practice are very familiar with the complex interplay of radiological and nuclear medicine examination methods, i.e. if PET/CT, scintigraphy, sonography or 3D volume tomography are used at a university level – then patients are in the best of hands.



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