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Prof. Dr. med. Stefanie Reich-Schupke

Specialist for Dermatology, Phlebology in Recklinghausen

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Prof. - Stefanie Reich-Schupke - Dermatology -
Prof. Dr. med. Stefanie Reich-Schupke Specialist for Dermatology, Phlebology in Recklinghausen
+49 2361 3879002 (Landline at local rates)
Prof. Reich-Schupke is a recognized specialist in vascular diseases and is not only Germany's only professor of phlebology, she also has a high international reputation in all areas of skin and vascular medicine. Her individual therapy plans have a model character and cause a lot of attention time and again.

About us Prof. Dr. med. Stefanie Reich-Schupke

When Prof. Dr. med. Stefanie Reich-Schupke received an endowed professorship for phlebology at the Ruhr University Bochum in 2017, this news made the medical world sit up and take notice: For the first time in thirteen years, Germany was going to finally have a chair for this very important field! In order to strengthen phlebology as a future-oriented scientific discipline within Germany and thus throughout Europe, this position was filled by a top-class person - an internationally renowned medical specialist who, in addition to phlebology, also specialises in dermatology, lymphology and medical wound therapy. Today, patients can easily benefit from the extremely high level of expertise of this renowned specialist: The Leading Medicine Guide can be used to directly make an appointment in her private practice for dermatology and vascular medicine.

"I will take my time for you - for an examination, consultation or an individual therapy plan, based on the latest medical and scientific findings", this is how Prof. Stefanie Reich-Schupke introduces herself on the homepage of the private practice for dermatology and vascular medicine in Recklinghausen. And she refers to over twenty years of experience in clinical dermatology.

The fact that this is an exceptional practice is already noticeable when you make an appointment: There are no open consultation hours, here patients introduce themselves exclusively by appointment. The advantage is obvious: Prof. Stefanie Reich-Schupke can take her time without interrupting the conversation. Even the telephone remains silent: In order for the specialist to be able to concentrate on her patients without being disturbed, she returns calls so that nothing interferes with the treatment.

Holistic approach: synergies from different procedures

As a renowned specialist, Prof. Stefanie Reich-Schupke puts great emphasis on a holistic approach in her medical work. She is therefore not only focused on the diagnosis and treatment of symptoms, she also uncovers connections between symptoms and other disorders of the organism. In order to tackle the disease in question in a holistic way, the renowned medical specialist uses not only classical conventional medicine but also scientifically based approaches from the field of complementary medicine - for example aspects of orthomolecular medicine and traditional Chinese medicine.

Modern research in nutritional medicine is also incorporated into her therapies. Thus Prof. Stefanie Reich-Schupke achieves synergy effects again and again - when conventional medicine and complementary medicine join forces and together provide the basis for the best solution.

Prof. Stefanie Reich-Schupke also relies on synergies in another area: depending on the disease or treatment option, she believes that an interdisciplinary approach is useful. Thus, colleagues from other disciplines are involved in further diagnostics and therapy. However, the patients' wishes are always taken into account and, after a recommendation, they naturally decide for themselves how exactly the interdisciplinary treatment should proceed.

Department of Dermatology: Experienced physician with high level of expertise

Many patients consult the dermatologist Prof. Reich-Schupke because they suffer from acute or chronic skin diseases. Here she has a lot of experience in the diagnosis and conservative therapy of diseases such as psoriasis or neurodermatitis. A classical field is the prevention of skin cancer. This begins with advising on topics such as skin care and sun protection - and is continued with the use of, for example, video reflected-light microscopy and impedance spectroscopy (EIS). The specialist also carries out outpatient surgical procedures on the skin.

The Practice for Dermatology and Vascular Medicine also focuses on the diagnosis and conservative treatment of hair diseases and hair loss.

Internationally renowned: Phlebology and Lymphology as special fields

The fact that Prof. Stefanie Reich-Schupke is a phlebologist with outstanding expertise did not only become known when she received an endowed professorship in Bochum. It is therefore no wonder that many patients consult the Private Practice for Dermatology and Vascular Medicine for sclerotherapy or for the extremely gentle treatment of varicose veins. Prof. Reich-Schupke is considered to be an absolute expert in the treatment of spider veins as well as in the diagnosis and therapy of lymphedema and lipedema.

She is always in demand as a specialist in the fields of phlebology and lymphology, not only because of her professorship and her work as a consultant in these areas, but also when journalists, for example, need a top-class panel. The specialist also excelled as coordinator of the national lipoedema guideline. She was also instrumental in the founding of the Bochum Lymph Network.

The diagnostic standard program in her Private Practice includes the ultrasound examination of vessels in the legs and arms. Therapies for thrombosis and postthrombotic syndromes are associated with this.

The field of wound therapy, on which Prof. Reich-Schupke also focuses in her daily work, includes above all the diagnosis and therapy of chronic wounds. Patients usually turn to her if, even after four weeks, there are no signs of healing in their wounds. Here the principle of wholeness is particularly important: in order to guarantee the best possible wound treatment, the specialist must first identify and treat the cause of the wound. Here, Prof. Reich-Schupke is also looking for the perfect synergy of conventional medicine and scientifically proven natural healing methods.

Teaching and research: enormous dedication

By the way, the aforementioned endowed professorship in Bochum is by far not the only activity that links Prof. Stefanie Reich-Schupke with research and teaching. For years she taught at a nursing school, where she mainly taught basics on topics such as psoriasis, venous insufficiency and thromboses. Student teaching and dermatology lectures are among the fields of activity in which the specialist focuses on the next generation of specialists.

She has also supervised and completed several dissertation procedures - for which she was awarded the Bauerfeind Doctoral Prize in 2014. And in 2015, she also received a teaching position at the private University of Witten-Herdecke in the field of dentistry, where she focused on vascular medicine.

The empathetic specialist is also a welcome guest at international congresses and specialist conferences - and at patient events. For all her international networking, which she uses not only to constantly update her extraordinary expertise: Whether she is a speaker at the 14th Angiological Conference at the EVK Castrop-Rauxel on diagnostics and therapy options for lymphedema and lipedema or whether she is answering questions at informational events for patients - when her high level of expertise is in demand, Prof. Stefanie Reich-Schupke is in her element. Of course, the best way is to make an appointment in her Private Practice for Dermatology and Vascular Medicine in Recklinghausen's Paulus quarter.

Diagnostic Services

Conventional Dermatology

  • Diagnostics and conservative therapy of acute and chronic skin diseases e.g. psoriasis, neurodermatitis
  • Skin cancer screening including video reflected light microscopy and impedance spectroscopy (EIS)
  • Advice on skin care
  • Advice on sun protection
  • Outpatient, surgical interventions on the skin
  • Diagnostics and conservative therapy of hair diseases and hair loss

Phlebology/ Lymphology/ Wound therapy

  • Ultrasound examination of the vessels in the legs and arms
  • Sclerotherapy of varicose veins (foam and liquid)
  • Treatment of spider veins
  • Diagnosis and therapy of lymphedema
  • Diagnosis and therapy of lipedema
  • Diagnosis and therapy of thrombosis in arms or legs
  • Diagnosis and therapy of a postthrombotic syndrome
  • Diagnosis and therapy of chronic wounds
  • Reports in the field of phlebology and lymphology


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