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A goiter is a swollen thyroid gland that can form a lump at the front of the neck. Goiters vary in size but are mostly small and often don’t result in symptoms. Where they do occur, symptoms may include: a cough, a tight-feeling throat, voice changes (e.g. hoarseness), dysphagia (difficulties with swallowing), breathing problems (e.g. you may create a high-pitched sound when you breathe).

Here you will find medical experts who are specialized in the treatment of goiters.

ICD codes for this diseases: E01, E04

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Goiter cases in Germany

58.608 cases in the year 2020
59.192 cases in the year 2023 ( Prognosis )

The predicted increase in case numbers is based on population growth data from the Federal and State Statistical Offices. The calculation is made for each age group, so that demographic effects are taken into account. The case numbers are based on a network of different sources available to the public. By means of data analysis procedures, these figures are processed and made available to our users.

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