Special Clinical Focus

  • Laser therapy for benign enlargement of the prostate (holmium, thulium, green light laser)
  • Cancer of the prostate: open, nerve-conserving surgery; alternative treatment technique: HIFU
  • Cancer of the bladder: transurethral resection with photodynamic diagnostics
  • Advanced bladder cancer: cystectomy > all forms of diversion are provided (artificial bladder, pouch, conduit, etc.)
  • Renal cancer: generally minimally invasive; organ-conserving whenever possible
  • Testicular cancer: surgical and medication therapy
  • Urinary calculi: all up to date forms of treatment are available 

About us

Prof. Andreas Gross is a specialist urologist and is the Senior Consultant of the Department of Urology at the Barmbek Asklepios Hospital. As a specialist in urology, Prof. Gross, together with his team consisting of internationally renowned specialists, focuses on the entire range of urology, from laser therapy for renal calculi, to minimally invasive treatments and complex surgical techniques for cancer conditions, in the diagnosis and treatment of urological conditions in men, women and children.

Not every change in the prostate is prostatic cancer. Experienced urologists such as Prof. Gross are able to recognise enlargement and changes of the prostate on the basis of palpation findings, and then, if necessary, decide on further tests. If, however, after a biopsy, it is determined that cancer of the prostate is present, Prof. Gross will decide, together with the patient, on the treatment geared to the patient. This may be an open or a minimally invasive prostatectomy, that is, the surgical removal of the prostate. This is performed in the Department by Prof. Gross, often preserving the patient's potency. HIFU therapy is an advanced alternative technique (HIFU = high intensity focused ultrasound), for which, with over 500 treatments, Prof. Gross’s department represents the largest centre of its type in northern Germany. In the case of a benign enlargement of the prostate (prostatic hyperplasia), both medication and surgical techniques by the specialists under Prof. Gross can be recommended. The principle is: Not every patient must undergo surgery immediately.

 A wide variety of techniques is used in Prof. Gross’s department in the treatment of tumours of the bladder, depending on the stage and the spread. These extend from the classic transurethral resection (TUR) for superficial tumours, in which only the diseased tissue is removed with the aid of a laser, if necessary, to complete or partial removal of the urinary bladder for aggressive tumours. Patients with pain are cared for by specially trained nurses, so-called pain nurses. As well, for renal cancer, Prof. Gross’s specialists strive to utilise a kidney-preserving technique. Laparoscopic partial resection of the kidney is a gentle, minimally invasive technique, in which only the part of the kidney bearing the tumour is removed; the renal function is maintained.

Urinary calculi are either endoscopically or percutaneously crushed or removed by Prof. Gross and his team with the aid of shockwaves therapy (so-called extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy, ESWL). With almost 1,000 cases of this type per year, his department is among the most experienced in Europe in this regard.

Diagnostic Services

  • Biopsy of the prostate
  • Flexible cystoscopy
  • Bladder pressure measurement
  • Flexible ureterorenoscopy
  • Photodynamic diagnostics
  • Ultrasound
  • Doppler sonography

Therapeutic Services

  • Radical prostatectomy and HIFU therapy
  • Laser treatment of benign enlargement of the prostate (all laser techniques are available)
  • Cystectomy (with artificial bladder, pouch, conduit, etc.)
  • Renal tumour surgery (in particular, organ-preserving)
  • Surgery and chemotherapy for testicular tumours
  • Exenteration
  • Incontinence surgery (including Botox)
  • Calculus treatment (all forms of minimally invasive treatment)
  • Minimally invasive surgery
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Other services

  • Benign enlargement of the prostate
  • Cancer of the prostate
  • Cancer of the bladder
  • Renal cancer
  • Testicular cancer
  • Urinary calculi


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