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Direct contact - Physician referral services for patients

By using our online medical history questionnaire, we are offering you free of charge physician referral services. Are you looking for a medical expert for a specific kind of treatment or are you seeking a second opinion? We can help you find the right specialist.

Leading Medicine Guide offers you the opportunity to directly contact physicians or clinics after having used the specialty search, the name search or the city search. Should you require additional help, we would be pleased if you could fill out the following medical history questionnaire as detailed as possible and send it off to us. The more information you supply us with, the better we can assist you in finding the right expert for you. Furthermore, our specialists are able assess your case as best as possible.

Your tentative enquiry will be forwarded to specialists in the required areas of expertise. Within a few days, you will then receive a list of medical experts via email that will be able to assist you.

This is how it works:

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Please note that our physician notification service does not result in any binding claim to medical treatment. As the notification of a physician can take several days, it is not suitable for immediately treatable diseases. For data protection reasons, your data is only sent to the appropriate clinics for the purpose of procuring a physician. Diagnosis and consultation are only carried out on site during an appointment. Remote diagnosis or consultation via telephone or e-mail is not carried out.

Second opinion

A second opinion is defined as a second, independent assessment of a certain diagnosis by another physician. In cases of suspicious results, when you are in need of a detailed explanation or should there be reasonable doubt about the previous diagnosis, seeking a second opinion can prevent misdiagnoses, offer new methods of treatment not available at your location and assure the best treatment possible.

When seeking a second opinion, it is always helpful for the specialist you are consulting if you can provide as many information as possible about prior diagnoses and treatments. Therefore, please ask your current physician if it is possible to obtain your complete medical records.


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