Special Clinical Focus

  • Certified Endometriosis Center
  • Organ-preserving surgeries for the ovaries and the uterus
  • Removal of the ovaries/uterus
  • Surgeries to treat unfulfilled desire for a child
  • Diagnostic laparoscopies

About us

Dr. Garri Tchartchian at the MIC – Minimally Invasive Surgery Clinic in Berlin is an expert in endometriosis. At the same time, he is team leader of the Department of Reproductive Medicine and Diseases of the Uterus and head of the Certified Endometriosis Centre.

The areas of clinical emphasis at the Certified Endometriosis Centre of the clinic for MIC Berlin include the treatment of endometriosis with all diagnostic and technical options medicine has to offer. At the same time, the endometriosis expert Dr. Tchartchian is very devoted to treating his patients with empathy, understanding, while offering them the years of experience all his surgeons have to offer.

Among his special areas of clinical focus, the endometriosis expert and head of the Certified Endometriosis Centre in Berlin performs organ-preserving interventions on the ovaries and the uterus, ovariectomies and hysterectomies alongside diagnostic laparoscopies as well as procedures to fulfil women's desire to have children. These special diseases naturally include endometriosis, i.e. proliferative growth of the endometrium. The expert for endometriosis treats both benign and malignant endometriosis, endometriosis-related pain and the unfulfilled desire for children, which can be caused by this underlying disease (inflammation of the endometrium).

Endometriosis itself, which the expert for endometriosis Dr Tchartchian treats, is a painful and distressing disease for patients. Worldwide approximated 176 million girls and women suffer from endometriosis all possible manifestations, according to an estimate by the World Endometriosis Research Foundation (WERF). Due to the proliferations and adhesions of the endometrium, which can also change as a function of menstrual cycle and hormones, the affected patients suffer pain ranging from a moderate to an intolerable severity. Moreover, every clinical endometriosis case has its own pathogenesis, which the expert for endometriosis needs to determine, i.e. diagnose accordingly. Dr. Tchartchian in Berlin is well aware of the impacts that endometriosis can have on his patients' everyday lives.

In general, the expert in gynaecology assumes that endometriosis is the underlying reason for virtually all gynaecological pain and this fact is diagnosed with a corresponding frequency. Hence, endometriosis ranks among the most common causes of female infertility. Between nearly 40% – 60% of female patients with an unfulfilled desire for children additionally suffer from endometriosis. Despite this fact, the expert for endometriosis in Berlin understands that many cases of endometriosis are not taken seriously or even ignored. This additionally burdens the patients who often are forced to suffer alone. The endometriosis expert Dr. Tchartchian and his team in Berlin want to fight this situation. Indeed, even though most cases of endometriosis involve a benign proliferation, endometriosis is also what is called a proliferative (growing) condition where the proliferation grows and grows. That means that even benign tumours can affect and impair the surrounding organs. For example, the proliferative growths can be situated on the peritoneum in the small pelvis, additionally on the ligaments supporting the uterus, on the ovaries or posterior to the uterus. Often, endometriosis foci can affect neighbouring organs like the bladder or bowel. In extremely rare cases, it can also affect organs distant to the uterus. All endometriosis foci are subject to menstrual-cycle-dependent hormonal fluctuations.

In order to best prevent any impairment of normal organ functions and loss of function, it is very important that the endometriosis expert can analyse every case individually. In some cases, minimally invasive surgery is the therapy of choice to remove the proliferative endometrial growths, a method Dr. Tchartchian employs at his Certified Endometriosis Centre in the MIC Clinic.


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  • Proliferation of endometrial cells (Endometriosis)
  • Benign endometriosis
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