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In some centers specializing in bariatric surgery, people suffering from overweight or obesity can get a so-called gastric pacemaker. To a certain extent, this is a built-in mini-computer for permanent weight loss.

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Gastric pacemaker - Further information

How does a gastric pacemaker work?

The device is implanted into the body in a small surgical procedure and supports weight reduction in two ways. On the one hand, it causes a faster feeling of satiety by means of electronic impulses via a stimulation electrode and on the other hand, with the help of sensor technology (receiving electrode), it documents when and for how long affected persons eat and drink.

This information, in combination with a movement protocol, helps to better understand nutritional and lifestyle habits and to develop an individually adapted strategy for permanent weight reduction. This makes it clear that this procedure requires a high degree of initiative and a willingness to change one's diet.

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