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A health check-up for the early detection of diseases, often called medical check-up, check-up examination, check-up 35 or simply check-up, is a preventive examination that consists of several medical examinations.

A medical check-up in Germany consists of a comprehensive anamnesis, a physical examination including blood pressure measurement, a urine test, a blood test and the examination of the blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Following these medical check-up examinations the physician informs the patient about the results and possibly recommends further examinations.

The purpose of a medical check-up

A medical check-up aims at the early detection of common diseases, that can be diagnosed in their early stages and that can be treated effectively. These include cardiovascular diseases, kidney diseases and diabetes mellitus. Since these diseases increasingly occur in people who are 35 years or older, physicians and health insurance companies in Germany recommend biannual medical check-ups for all men and women of 35 years of age or older. A medical check-up in Germany is part of the statutory health screening and preventive examination program. Therefore, the costs for a medical check-up in Germany are covered by health insurance companies. Medical check-ups are carried out by family doctors (general practitioners, medical practitioners and internists).

A check-up examination is indicated even if a patient doesn’t feel sick, but healthy and fit, since diseases that are meant to be diagnosed through a medical check-up usually don’t cause physical problems and symptoms in their early stages. Only through regular medical check-ups possible changes in the body can be detected at an early stage, potential risks to the health can be prevented and diagnosed diseases can be treated timely, thereby increasing the chances of recovery.

Medical check-up examinations

A medical check-up can consists of several medical examinations, including:

  • blood and urine tests
  • ascultation of the heart and lungs with a stethoscope
  • electrocardiogram
  • blood pressure measurement
  • examination of the skin
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