Prof. - Christoph
M. Bamberger - Prevention & precautions -

Prof. Christoph M. Bamberger

Specialist for Prevention & precautions in Hamburg

Falkenried 88 (CIM Building)
20251 Hamburg
Prof. - Christoph
M. Bamberger - Prevention & precautions -
Prof. Christoph M. Bamberger Specialist for Prevention & precautions in Hamburg
Professor Dr. med. Christoph M. Bamberger, specialist in internal medicine and endocrinology, is a prominent figure in the field of preventive medicine. As the Medical Director of Sana Praevention Hamburg, which he founded in 2006 as the Medizinische PräventionsCentrum Hamburg, he is a pioneer in the promotion of a healthy lifestyle and forward-looking healthcare.

Special Clinical Focus

  • Check-ups, health checks, preventive care
  • Radiation-free whole-body MRI (magnetic resonance imaging)
  • Anti-aging clinic
  • Targeted nutritional supplements
  • Coaching (exercise, diet, stress, psychological wellbeing)

About us Prof. Christoph
M. Bamberger

With his sustained commitment, Prof. Dr. Bamberger has significantly shaped the field of endocrinology of aging and is regarded as the first professor in Germany in this specialty, often referred to as the domain of "anti-aging". His specialization in prevention and early detection is reflected in his focus on comprehensive preventive examinations and health checks, on the basis of which he and his team can provide people with targeted advice to help them live healthy lives for as long as possible. Prof. Dr. Bamberger is one of the most renowned doctors in the field of preventive medicine. His expertise is highlighted by numerous scientific publications and guidebooks.

Sana Praevention Hamburg is a partner for solution-oriented health management and emphasizes the importance of a healthy corporate culture.

The center offers individually adaptable solutions designed to provide each individual the ability to achieve the highest standard of health and quality of life. Among other things, the team focuses on promoting the health and performance of company employees in order to successfully counter demographic change. The focus of the health check-up is on a broad laboratory analysis including hormone and vitamin level assessments, determination of the cardiovascular risk profile, individual stress analyses, cancer screening examinations, and other specialist examinations, e.g., a dermatological and an ophthalmological check. Personalized care is a top priority. In particular, the comprehensive final consultation, the heart of the check-up, provides space for detailed advice and explanations.

The health checks and preliminary examinations offered at Sana Praevention Hamburg take into account not only physical health, but also mental health.

Prof. Dr. Bamberger's philosophy is based on the four pillars of health care: optimal prevention, lifestyle optimization, supportive medication, and a positive attitude toward the natural aging process. The center offers coaching for stress management and lifestyle optimization and strives for goal-oriented solutions and the improvement of physical and mental performance. With more than 15,000 complete checks carried out for patients from all over the world, Sana Praevention Hamburg has established itself as one of the leading preventive medical facilities. The facility emphasizes state-of-the-art and gentle examination procedures to provide the most comfortable experience for patients.

Medical spectrum

Diagnostic Services
  • The Premium Check-up Program includes: Body composition analysis, bone density measurement, complete laboratory diagnostics including hormone and vitamin status, whole-body magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) with virtual enteroscopy, ultrasound examination of the thyroid, cervical arteries, heart and abdominal organs, skin check, eye check, measurement of cardiac and lung function at rest and under load
  • Also available: Radiation-free MRI of the breast, radiation-free MRI of the prostate gland, dementia risk check, preventive genetic diagnostics, sports medical examination, other specialist examinations (gynecology, urology, ENT, neurology, orthopedics, dentistry, computed tomography of the coronary vessels)
Therapeutic Services
  • Targeted lifestyle coaching based the findings made
  • Special clinics (hormone, menopause)
  • Psychological coaching
  • Consulting service for the best addresses for further treatment (“Expert Finder”)

Special Offers / Arrangements / Rooms

  • Comfortably furnished personal lounges with high-speed Internet access and flat screen TV in place of public waiting areas
  • Personal Customer Manager
  • Room service
  • Direct appointments with leading physicians nationwide


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Falkenried 88 (CIM Building)
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