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In a search for specialists in the field of ophthalmology you will find medical experts in the diagnosis and treatment of ophthalmological diseases. You need a specialist for a corneal transplant, suffer from cataract or glaucoma, or are myopic or hyperopic? Here you will find specialists in ophthalmology.

Specialist in ophthalmology (ophthalmologist)

An ophthalmologist is an ophthalmological specialist in the treatment and diagnosis of eye diseases including the optic nerves, the eye socket, the lids and the lacrimal ducts. The most common eye operations performed by ophthalmologists include corrections of myopia and hyperopia, cataract and glaucoma, strabismus, nystagmus, corneal and retinal diseases as well as retinal detachment and vitreous diseases.

In addition to possessing operative specialised knowledge (at least refractive surgery), ophthalmologists have knowledge about diagnostic procedures and disease-related pre- and postoperative long-term follow-up. To become a specialist in ophthalmology, a physician must complete five years of postgraduate training, two of which must be with a registered physician.

Therapeutic range of services in ophthalmology

The therapeutic range of services of ophthalmology comprises, for the most part, cataract operations (such as removal of the lenses, placement of an artificial lens), glaucoma surgery (such as goniotomy, iridotomy, trabeculectomy), corneal surgery (such as corneal transplantation, placement of corneal replacement), vitreous humour and retinal surgery (such as vitrectomy, retinal rotation), oculoplasty (such as removal of the eyeball, correction of eyelids or eyelid relocation), refractive surgery (such as LASIK, LASEK and EPILASIK, photorefractive keratectomy), macular surgery (such as membrane peeling, macular translocation) and the correction of ametropia and loss of accommodation.

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