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Information about blood / cancer

The word cancer combines a multitude of malignant tumors with different characteristics and progressions. All cancers share the uncontrollable growth of tumor cells which replaces healthy tissues and can destroy it.

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Cancer basically is able to appear in all tissues or organs of the human body. The most common types of cancer are intestinal cancer, stomach cancer, pancreatic cancer and liver cancer. Altogether, cancer is the second most common cause of death in Germany, right after cardiovascular diseases.

The field of oncology and its sub-fields

The field of oncology is specialized in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Within this field, there are several sub-fields such as hematology, urological oncology, internistic oncology, gynecologic oncology, pediatric oncology, surgical oncology and radiation therapy which are all specialized cancer treatment in their respective fields.

As such, the treatment of cancers of the urogenital tract such as prostate cancer and bladder cancer is performed in urological oncology while cancer of the female sex organs such as cervical cancer and ovarian cancer is usually treated in gynecologic oncology.

Benign and malignant blood diseases such as blood cancer (leukemia) or thrombophilia are primarily diagnosed and treated in hematology.

Treatment of cancer

For the treatment of cancer, there are different therapy modalities available. Among these are surgical interventions in surgical oncology, radiation therapy in radiation oncology, stem cell transplantation and chemotherapy.

In order to offer cancer patients the best possible treatment, there are regional tumor centers, so called comprehensive cancer centers, where specialists in different disciplines work together.