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Dr. med. Bernhard Drummer

Reflux specialist in Forchheim

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Dr. - Bernhard Drummer - Esophageal surgery -
Dr. med. Bernhard Drummer Reflux specialist in Forchheim
+49 9191 3469001 (Landline at local rates)
Dr Drummer is dedicated to the treatment of reflux disease. He even dealt with this in his doctoral thesis! In 1991 he started using minimally invasive surgery, and since 1997 he has performed all reflux operations using this technique. Therefore, anyone who suffers from heartburn is welcome to contact him.

Special Clinical Focus

  • Reflux diseases
  • Minimally invasive surgery of the abdominal cavity and retroperitoneum
  • Conventional general surgery (strumen, abdominal)
  • Hernia surgery
  • Bariatric surgery (certified bariatric centre)

About us Dr. med. Bernhard Drummer

Dr. med. Bernhard Drummer, embodies contemporary high-performance medicine to a special degree: As an experienced specialist, he has expertise in many areas of surgery, but even back in his doctoral thesis he specialised in a particular area - reflux - in which he has developed exceptional expertise. Thus, all people suffering from reflux disease in the greater area of the Bavarian district town of Forchheim have a globally renowned point of contact: Dr Drummer gained an international reputation as the developer of a special mesh used to reinforce a hiatal hernia. This innovation, known as SERAMESH® PA DRUM, can be flexibly adapted to individual anatomical conditions and is used by reflux surgeons all over the world. Surgeons from all continents come to him to observe surgical therapies for reflux disease.

Reflux is a highly widespread disease: An estimated twenty percent of people in German-speaking countries suffer from the stomach contents flowing back into the oesophagus. In most cases, this causes heartburn - a burning sensation that rises up from the pit of the stomach behind the breastbone and reaches the throat. Often this only occurs in conjunction with fatty food and alcohol. But reflux disease can also cause sleep problems and thus affect quality of life.

Frequently recurring reflux should not be taken lightly. This is because reflux disease can cause gastric juices to permanently damage the mucous membranes in the oesophagus. And there are many possible sequelae - from inflammation of the oesophagus, larynx or throat, to dental damage and inflammation of the middle ear or sinuses. Barrett's syndrome is increasingly being diagnosed, which, as damage to the mucous membrane, can be a precursor to oesophageal cancer.

Take heartburn seriously - and go straight to the specialist!

This means that are many reasons to see a specialist if you have heartburn regularly. If you live in the vicinity of the royal town of Forchheim, which is also popular with tourists as the gateway to Franconian Switzerland, you have a top-class address for this clinical picture: At the hospital in Forchheim, there is a highly specialised doctor, Dr. med. Bernhard Drummer, who has chosen reflux disease as his absolute area of expertise. As head physician of the Department of General Surgery, Dr Drummer has a high level of expertise in many areas, such as bariatric surgery or complex hernias - but his medical hobbyhorse is the treatment of reflux diseases. Proof of his expertise is in the two-part implant SERAMESH® PA DRUM mentioned above, which he developed and which has also become the standard solution for diaphragmatic hernias because of its good fixability. Such a hiatal hernia is often the cause of stomach contents flowing back upwards - i.e., reflux.

Patients who hope to have Dr Drummer put an end to their reflux disease have come to the right place for several reasons. First of all, he is in the best position to assess whether a change in diet or lifestyle can provide relief. However, when the patient’s suffering is ended with a mostly minor operation, people in the greater Forchheim region benefit from the high level of expertise that Dr. med. Bernhard Drummer, has acquired in minimally invasive surgery - in other words, keyhole surgery. In addition, Forchheim Hospital is a modern facility with the most innovative operating theatres: It was not until 2019 that the hospital came into existence as an important healthcare provider through the merger of the former hospitals Klinik Fränkische Schweiz and Klinikum Forchheim.

3-D and 4K: Safety through optimal imaging

Thus, Dr Drummer can rely on modern equipment as well as a competent team for his minimally invasive reflux surgery. Optimal imaging with 3D monitor and 4K resolution ensures maximum safety. This especially benefits patients who regain their usual quality of life through an intervention.

Dr. med. Bernhard Drummer, who is also the former team doctor of the 1st FC Nuremberg, is very familiar with the region, as become known not only for the development of the SERAMESH® PA DRUM but also for scientific publications - for example on the further development of laparoscopic surgical procedures, i.e., the high art of keyhole surgery.


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