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Professor Frank Breuckmann

Expert in cardiology, internal medicine, intensive care and emergency medicine in Kitzingen

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Professor - Frank Breuckmann - Cardiology -
Professor Frank Breuckmann Expert in cardiology, internal medicine, intensive care and emergency medicine in Kitzingen
+49 9321 2613004 (Landline at local rates)
As a cardiologist, Professor Breuckmann has an international reputation in practice, research and teaching. He has a particularly high level of expertise when it comes to heart attacks and strokes and, when he established the chest pain units, he played a pioneering role and contributed to ensuring that the quality of healthcare achieved a new standard.

Special Clinical Focus

  • Coronary heart disease and heart attacks (PTCA/stents)
  • Cardiovascular prevention and check-ups
  • Modern cardiovascular imaging (heart CT/heart MRI)
  • Diastolic and systolic cardiac insufficiency
  • Cardiac arrhythmias and atrial fibrillation (PVI)
  • Device therapy (pacemakers, defibrillators, cardiac resynchronisation)
  • Stroke (PFO closure)
  • Intensive care medicine and acute and emergency medicine
  • High blood pressure and lipidology
  • Pneumology

About us Professor Frank Breuckmann

With Professor Frank Breuckmann’s commitment to this field, Klinik Kitzinger Land is underlining its clear focus: as a central point of contact for the entire region, this established organisation also continues to offer medical care at the highest level. The new chief physician in the Department for Internal Medicine, who has a specialism in non-surgical and interventional cardiology, pneumology, neurology and internistic intensive care medicine, has not only built up an outstanding reputation for acute heart conditions and diagnostics, he also played a leading role in the development and establishment of chest pain units. The versatile consultant also has a top-class reputation in research, science and teaching.

People are generally very happy in the rural area surrounding Würzburg. The traditional town of Kitzingen, which is known for its role in the wine trade and is of interest to lots of visitors thanks to its wonderful location on the Main river and its mild climate, draws people in with its authentic charm. For the locals, Kitzingen is the main centre of a complete healthcare service that is exemplary in all respects: Klinik Kitzinger Land is a strong, reliable backbone for all kinds of medical and care services.

This is particularly applicable for all matters relating to the heart. At the Cardiology Department, people can be confident that they are in the best possible hands for any cardiac or circulatory issues. This is primarily ensured by the chief physician of the department, who took over the management of the department in December 2021: Professor Frank Breuckmann.

University-standard diagnostics

Rapid and reliable diagnostics are of vital importance for heart conditions in particular. Patients at Klinik Kitzinger Land not only benefit from the outstanding facilities that meet the latest standards, including a state-of-the-art cardiac catheter system, which offers a full range of options for treating coronary heart disease and cardiac arrythmias or atrial fibrillation, but Professor Breuckmann also had significant involvement with the field of the early detection of heart attacks as early as during his training period. As is very often the case with this consultant, the chief physician’s practical and scientific interests are linked: the expert’s fields of particular medical interest include acute chest pain and acute cardiology.

Professor Breuckmann repeatedly focuses his research activities on topics like the prompt prevention of heart attacks and professional healthcare: How can the prevention of acute heart conditions be improved? And in which areas is change required in order to be able to optimise care provision for people who experience heart attacks? With this scientific approach it does not come as a surprise that his work enjoys an excellent reputation in international specialist circles.

Pioneering achievement: Certification of chest pain units

Professor Frank Breuckmann was directly involved as the lead author in a true milestone moment for innovative cardiology: as an expert in acute chest pain, he is one of the scientists who wrote the first position paper by the German Cardiac Society which promoted the certification of chest pain units. In order to ensure that these chest pain units became established as an emergency facility for providing primary care for patients with unexplained chest pain, Professor Breuckmann was involved from the very start and achieved a great deal of success. There are lots of these organisations nowadays where acute or newly-occurring chest pain is investigated in a rapid and targeted manner. The pioneering healthcare structure at the chest pain units meant that these centres, under the leadership of the renowned specialist, took an important step towards taking the diagnostics and treatment of acute heart attacks to a new level, even with atypical chest pain, and improving patients’ chances of survival significantly.

As Professor Breuckmann recently commented: “For chest pain in particular, which could point to a heart attack or similar serious conditions, prompt medical treatment is of vital importance and is essential for survival.” Since he started working to promote the local creation and ultimately the establishment of chest pain units in 2008, a great deal has changed: when Professor Breuckmann transformed Westdeutsches Herzzentrum Essen into the first certified chest pain unit, he had no idea that just a few years later there would be over 250 of these chest pain units throughout Germany for the purpose of providing primary care, which is naturally also a clearly defined goal at Klinik Kitzinger Land. Professor Breuckmann continues to follow the development because he is still involved as one of the most experienced experts in this field when it comes to the optimisation of healthcare provision for heart attacks and is in demand as a consultant throughout Europe and the USA.

Cardiology: a comprehensive range of services

For the people in the Würzburg region, it is good news, of course, that the new chief physician at the Department for Cardiology is one of the internationally recognised eminent authorities on the subject. And even though Professor Breuckmann enjoys a great deal of recognition for his work in research, science and teaching, his area of specialty is his everyday work as a chief physician. He has an excellent understanding of all areas of modern cardiology, from innovative, non-invasive cardiovascular investigative procedures to complex heart surgery.

His areas of specialty include coronary heart disease, which is still the most common cause of death at our degrees of latitude. Professor Breuckmann works with his team to investigate whether a patient is experiencing hardening of the arteries, which causes a narrowing of the coronary arteries. Narrowed areas in coronary arteries can lead to oxygen deficiency in the heart and trigger a heart attack or lead to cardiac insufficiency. This is because, generally due to a heart muscle weakness, the heart is no longer able to supply the body with sufficient oxygen. He and his team use state-of-the-art equipment at the premises to carry out heart catheter investigations, balloon dilations and stent implantations and can treat heart attacks in this way or even prevent them before they occur.

However, it is not only the wide range of invasive treatment options that is important. Thanks to the outstanding partnership with Mainradiologie, as well as the frequently-used ultrasonography technique, modern imaging procedures are also increasingly being used. Professor Frank Breuckmann has national and international qualifications in this field, in particular in computer tomography and magnetic resonance imaging. This offers additional opportunities for preventive medicine, e.g. by carrying out virtual coronary angiography.

Stroke expert: Stroke unit with a national reputation

One reason that Professor Breuckmann took on this role in the idyllic area of Main-Franconia was also the many years of experience and excellent reputation of the hospital in treating stroke patients. This is because the Kitzinger Land Stroke Unit is also outstanding thanks to its close links between cardiology and neurology. This is a great fit for the expertise of the new chief physician, who, as a consultant in internal medicine, also has a qualification in cardiology and an additional qualification in emergency medicine and intensive care medicine, and is trained in providing clinical acute and emergency medical care. Therefore, Professor Breuckmann took over a stroke unit that has its own neurological experts and provides structured and certified care for stroke patients.

The interdisciplinary collaboration that has always been the basis of the high quality of the medical care provided at Klinik Kitzinger Land is very much in harmony with the interdisciplinary approach of the chief physician. People here are able to receive outpatient cardiology care, as well as comprehensive aftercare, via the Medical Care Centre.

The expert also offers hypertensiology as one of his service areas, meaning that he covers the entire field of issues relating to high blood pressure. As with almost all conditions affecting the heart and circulation, early detection plays an important role. It is therefore good that the patients here receive treatment from an experienced diagnostician who is also familiar with the most innovative treatment methods. Arterial hypertension is very common but often occurs with few symptoms and is associated with very little pain. The consequences can include serious conditions, which can even be as severe as a heart attack or stroke. Therefore, in the event that patients experience minor, often unspecific symptoms, they should consult an expert who is renowned for having a precise approach to medicine.

Field of pneumology: The heart and lungs as one unit

With the arrival of Professor Breuckmann, the people in the region surrounding Würzburg have gained a cardiac expert who has an enormous wealth of skills in all areas of his field of specialism. Professor Breuckmann also always takes lipid metabolism and lung function into consideration.

This is because Professor Frank Breuckmann and his team have a great deal of experience in pneumology too. The heart and lungs are very close to one another in the chest cavity and form a functional unit when it comes to the very important supply of oxygen. Since the heart and lungs, which are a complex construct, form the basis of the joint functionality of all organs, lung conditions rapidly place major stress on the heart and circulation. It therefore does not come as a surprise that Professor Breuckmann keeps a close eye on pneumology as well as cardiology.

As someone who was born in Bochum, Professor Breuckmann appreciates the rural area surrounding the major cities of Nuremberg and Würzburg. He studied and gained his doctoral degree at the Ruhr University in the town of his birth, before moving to Westdeutsches Herzzentrum at Essen University Hospital in 2004. In 2009, he started his further training at the University Medical Center Mainz, where he completed his higher education teaching qualification. After this, he was a managing senior physician at Klinikum Hochsauerland and ultimately a director and senior physician in cardiology at Herz-Jesu-Krankenhaus in Dernbach. During this time in the Westerwald, the expert, who was then known as PD Dr. med. Frank Breuckmann, became an associate professor in the Medical Faculty at the University of Duisburg-Essen.

When it was announced that Professor Frank Breuckmann had accepted the position as chief physician at Klinik Kitzinger Land, this news spread quickly. It is not only his range of medical services with numerous additional qualifications that form the basis for his outstanding reputation and it is definitely not only his findings which have allowed him to make a contribution to research on a long-term basis: what makes this expert stand out is his rare overall reputation in the field of international high-performance medicine. An experienced consultant is directing the Department of Internal Medicine here and has a specialty in non-surgical and interventional cardiology, pneumology, neurology and internistic intensive care medicine. This expert is someone who has received several international awards, as well as European and North American honorary titles. He is a consultant who has made a contribution to the development of modern cardiology with well over a hundred high-ranking publications all over the world and has thus provided an extraordinary service to people’s cardiac health.


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