Dr - Johannes Knipprath - Knee surgery -

Dr Johannes Knipprath

Specialist for Knee surgery, Hip surgery, Hip endoprosthetics, Knee endoprosthetics in Berlin

Dr - Johannes Knipprath - Knee surgery -
Dr. Knipprath has an expertise in joint replacement for knee and hip that is rare in German-speaking countries: There are only a few specialists who can claim to have performed a larger number of successful surgeries in his special field - while he is also an expert in minimally invasive surgery.

Special Clinical Focus

  • Artificial hip and knee joint replacement
  • Knee / knee joint, osteoarthritis / knee joint replacement (total knee endoprosthesis)
  • Hip / hip joint, osteoarthritis / hip joint replacement (total hip endoprosthesis)
  • Knee / knee joint, degenerative joint conditions / surgical treatment
  • Hip / hip joint, degenerative joint conditions / surgical treatment

About us Dr Johannes Knipprath

Dr Johannes Knipprath is a specialist in orthopaedics and accident surgery and has an outstanding reputation across Germany as a specialist in knee and hip surgery. With over 4,000 joint replacement procedures, he is among the most experienced surgeons in Germany in this specialist field of endoprosthetics. Dr Knipprath advises and cares for patients with knee or hip problems at the internationally renowned Avicenna Clinic in Berlin-Wilmersdorf. He came here to the Centre for Joint Replacement in January 2017 after over 20 years as a senior consultant in order to devote himself exclusively to his specialist field of knee and hip endoprosthetics and to his patients.

The patients and their wellbeing are always the focus of his attention. He takes the time with each patient to find out how much the present condition limits his quality of life. The assessment of the pain intensity is also an important subject of the patient consultation. Only in this way can the specialist evaluate what treatment is most suitable for the patient. Ultimately, following detailed advice by Dr Knipprath, the decision for surgery falls to the patient himself.

Dr Knipprath treats each patient individually; there is no standard variant for the joint replacement. With due regard to the patient’s anatomical requirements, he selects the implant optimally suited to the patient’s individual situation. Of course, all implants provided and inserted fulfil the highest demands of functionality, compatibility and stability. Predominantly, high-quality nickel-free metal / ceramic compounds are utilised; with the highest degree of elasticity and the best gliding properties, these have proven to be particularly fracture-resistant.

Dr Knipprath will take care of you personally, from the initial consultation to the follow-up treatment. Whenever possible, Dr Knipprath and his surgical team insert the joint using a minimally invasive approach. This method is gentler for the patient and makes faster healing possible and, at the same time, leads to a more rapid recovery of your mobility.



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