Special Clinical Focus

  • Operations in emphysema
  • Operations in COPD
  • Tracheal surgery
  • Minimally invasive thoracoscopic procedures of all kinds
  • Laser surgery
  • Pediatric thoracic surgery

About us

The Clinic of the Ruhr, West German Lung Center at Essen University Hospital, is among the leading hospitals for the surgical and medicinal treatment of all diseases of the respiratory organs.

With more than 2,300 procedures performed each year, the Department of Thoracic Surgery and Thoracic Endoscopy is the largest and most important of its kind in the Federal Republic of Germany. In addition to those cases requiring hospitalization, there are another 2,000 outpatient encounters. Professor Aigner and his team perform 1,300 operations on the open chest and 1,000 minimally invasive endoscopic procedures each year.

The department has 85 beds, four operating rooms and nine ICU beds. Three bronchoscopy labs are used jointly with the pneumonologists. The experienced specialists use all established, modern procedures in diagnostics and surgery to treat diseases affecting the organs in the chest.

Since November 2014, a rapidly growing spectrum of surgeries involving the Da Vinci Surgical System has been made available. This makes the Department of the Thoracic Surgery of the Clinic of the Ruhr the currently only department for thoracic surgery in Germany and one of only three in Europe that have their own constantly available surgery robot.

The available treatment options cover the entire spectrum of diseases and range from tumor surgery of all kinds to emphysema and the elimination of malformations. In 80% of the cases, surgery involves the treatment of malignant tumors. Lung cancer and metastases are the main operational areas of the surgeons.

Thanks to the strong cooperation with the Department of Oncology and Radiotherapy of the Essen University Hospital, all modern combination therapies are available for the best possible treatment of tumors.

Diagnostic Services

  • Bronchologic diagnostics with endo-ultrasound
  • Imaging diagnostics (x-ray, CT, fluoroscopy)
  • Ultrasound diagnostics (ultrasound of the thorax, abdomen)
  • Doppler ultrasound for vascular examinations
  • Nuclear medicine (perfusion, ventilation scintigraphy)
  • Pulmonary function (ECP, BGA, ergospirometry)
  • Cardiac diagnostics (ECG, long-term ECG, echocardiography, right heart catheterization)
  • Invasive diagnostics (mediastinoscopy, thoracoscopy, VATS)

Therapeutic Services

  • Mediastinoscopy and video-assisted thoracoscopy for staging of bronchial carcinoma
  • Video-assisted procedures in atypical resections and lobectomies
  • Specialized surgical therapy of bronchial carcinoid tumors
  • Bronchial and vascular cuff resections as parenchyma-sparing operations
  • Expanded operations with resection of the large vessels, the chest wall, the pericardium and the diaphragm; expanded resections in pancoast tumors (tumors of the chest apex)
  • Video-assisted operations and sternotomy in mediastinal tumors
  • Unilateral and bilateral resections in patients with metastases
  • Unilateral and bilateral lung volume reduction in patients with emphysema and COPD
  • Laser resections in metastases
  • Minimally invasive procedures in malformations (e.g., funnel chest)
  • Expanded resections of the chest wall and chest wall reconstruction in sarcomas and metastases of the chest wall or sternum
  • Resection of the chest wall and chest wall reconstruction in infections
  • Minimally invasive surgery in hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating)
  • Specialized surgery in complications

Treatment and surgery of the following diseases:

  • Lung cancer and lung metastases
  • Mediastinal tumors
  • Chest wall tumors and malformations
  • Tumors and infections of the costal pleura
  • Diaphragmatic eventration and diaphragmatic hernias
  • Emphysema/COPD
  • Infectious diseases of the lung and the mediastinum
  • Congenital diseases of the lung and the mediastinum

Special Offers / Arrangements / Rooms

  • Single rooms with telephone, television and Internet access via WLAN
Leading Medicine Guide

of selected experts in the specialist field Thoracic Surgery

Other services

  • Lung tumors
  • Lung cancer stage I-III A
  • Solitary and multiple lung metastases
  • Operations in emphysema and COPD
  • Diseases of the costal pleura
  • Pleural mesothelioma

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  • Airport Dortmund58 km - approx. 60 minutes
  • Airport Cologne/Bonn70 km - approx. 50 minutes

Additional staff

Dr. med.
Danjouma Cheufou

Oberarzt der Klinik für Thoraxchirurgie und thorakale Endoskopie

Dr. med.
Till Plönes

Oberarzt der Klinik für Thoraxchirurgie und thorakale Endoskopie

Dr. med.
Mikhail Gronostayskiy

Senior Consultant

Bettina Krebs

Senior Consultant

Khaled Mardanzai

Oberarzt der Klinik für Thoraxchirurgie und thorakale Endoskopie

Priv.-Doz. Dr. med.
Alireza Hoda

Oberarzt der Klinik für Thoraxchirurgie und thorakale Endoskopie

Dr. med.
Daniel Valdivia

Oberarzt der Klinik für Thoraxchirurgie und thorakale Endoskopie

Dr. med.
Mohamed Zaatar

Oberarzt der Klinik für Thoraxchirurgie und thorakale Endoskopie