Dr - Amro Homssi - Orthopedics and trauma surgery -

Dr Uni. PD Amro Homssi

Specialist for laser treatments in Berlin

Dr - Amro Homssi - Orthopedics and trauma surgery -
As an experienced orthopaedic surgeon and laser physician, Dr. Uni PD Homssi specialises in laser-based treatments – for example, for the removal of tattoos, facial rejuvenation or ingrown toenails. He has also gained a reputation for pain treatment through injections.

Special Clinical Focus

  • Facial rejuvenation
  • Tattoo removal
  • PMU removal
  • Electromagnet sculpting
  • Ingrown toenail/nail fungus
  • Nail fungus
  • Proliferation therapy

About us Dr Uni. PD Amro Homssi

Dr Uni PD Amro Homssi is an unusual specialist for several reasons. In Berlin, where he studied for a time and now practices, he is known primarily for three professional disciplines within his extensive range of services: On the one hand, as an unparalleled specialist in treating even therapy-resistant ingrown toenails with permanent success through the use of gentle laser therapy, on the other hand, because of his skill in removing tattoos in a particularly gentle way (and usually without scars), and thirdly, as a master of facial rejuvenation. The specialist in orthopaedics and trauma surgery – with numerous additional qualifications – also has a reputation far beyond the German capital as a diving physician.

When an experienced trauma doctor and orthopaedic surgeon with additional qualifications – such as acupuncture and manual medicine – specialises in tattoo removal, ingrown toenail treatment and muscle therapies with stimulation, they must be an exceptional doctor. And when topics such as facial rejuvenation and regenerative proliferation therapy with reparative injections are also included in the expansive range of services, this is also surprising – at least at first glance.

In fact, Dr Uni PD Amro Homssi is quite different from other highly specialised modern medical practitioners. It all began with his life path: He was born in the Syrian city of Aleppo, where he also began his medical studies. He continued this in Berlin and in Padua, Italy – at the oldest medical faculty in the world. He completed his doctorate there and at the Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf. He completed his orthopaedic and trauma surgery residency in several academic teaching hospitals until he finished his training in Berlin in 2012.

High level of specialisation: Precision, innovation, excellence

As a senior physician at the Caritas Clinic Dominikus in Berlin, his focus was on joint replacements affecting the hip, knee and shoulder regions. Later, he gained experience as a surgeon at the maximum-care endoprosthesis centre of the Kliniken Nordoberpfalz – and focused on showing patients the best possible individual treatment path.

Constant curiosity and an irrepressible drive for research have always accompanied Dr Uni PD Amro Homssi. When he founded Davinci Medic Berlin, word quickly spread that the focus here was on people – and that people could turn to Dr. Homssi when conventional treatments had proven unsuccessful. This is because what distinguishes him is a rare ability to look beyond the horizon of his discipline – and to show ways out of the respective problem by means of unusual (but scientifically) founded therapy methods.

Laser treatments for tattoos and PMU removal

It is his impressive professional remit that supports him in performing comprehensive diagnostics, as well as in choosing the right therapy. Thus, Dr Uni PD Amro Homssi is familiar with manual medicine and acupuncture, with basic psychosomatic care and classical emergency medicine. He also has plenty of experience in ultrasound examinations, and is a trained diving physician. One of the main focuses in his Berlin practice – Davinci Medic – however, is the removal of tattoos and permanent make-up. Anyone who wants to have an unloved tattoo lasered away is welcome to entrust themselves to the experienced hands of this specialist. Dr. Homssi uses an effective laser method for tattoo removal, with which he "blasts" the individual colour particles – albeit gently, and ideally without leaving any residue or scars.

Most recently, Dr Uni PD Amro Homssi made a name for himself with muscle therapy using EMS stimulation: With this muscle stimulation therapy via NEO EMSLIM, he eliminates muscular dysfunction. Painful tension is reduced, and muscle coordination is improved – and the end result is a combination of muscle building and fat reduction. Knowledge of the lymphatic system also helps him to make laser treatment successful.

When performing facial rejuvenation with a CO2 laser and other lifting procedures, long-lasting success goes hand-in-hand with low risk – with amazing results. And word has also spread about another treatment that Davinci Medic Berlin is the only practice to offer in the entire north-east of Germany: Ingrown toenails are treated here with tissue-sparing laser therapies, as are painful conditions of the musculoskeletal system that are considered resistant to treatment. Of course, the institution's mission statement also applies here: maximum precision, patient safety, rapid recovery and excellent results.



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