Dr - Johannes Spengler - Endoprothetikzentrum St. Vinzenz

Endoprothetikzentrum St. Vinzenz

Specialists for hip and knee endoprosthetics in Pfronten

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+49 8363 4133001 (Landline at local rates)
Dr - Johannes Spengler - Endoprothetikzentrum St. Vinzenz
Endoprothetikzentrum St. Vinzenz Specialists for hip and knee endoprosthetics in Pfronten
+49 8363 4133001 (Landline at local rates)
The EPZ St. Vinzenz is renowned for its high standard of endoprosthetics. With constantly monitored quality in all relevant fields, a highly specialised team of experts provides patients with artificial joints on the hip and knee here – with the clear goal of achieving freedom from pain, increased mobility and a significantly improved quality of life.

Our doctors

Dr - Johannes Spengler - Knee endoprosthetics -

Dr med. Johannes Spengler

Dr - Kai Scriba - Knee endoprosthetics -

Dr med. Kai Scriba

MUDr. - Pavol Pavelka - Knee endoprosthetics -

MUDr. Pavol Pavelka

Roland Stippler - Knee endoprosthetics -

Roland Stippler

Doctor - Radu Hondola - Knee endoprosthetics -

Doctor medic Radu Hondola

Special Clinical Focus

  • Artificial hip joint
    • Minimally invasive "AMIS" technique
    • Standard technology
    • Special cases, revisions, exchange operations
    • Cell salvage
  • Artificial knee joint
    • Initial implantation
    • Bone defects, ligament instability, prosthesis loosening
    • Cell salvage through "cell saver" device

About us Endoprosthetics Centre St. Vinzenz

With the certified EndoProthetikZentrum, the St. Vinzenz Klinik Pfronten has an institution that is renowned far beyond the region and meets the highest standards in all matters relating to artificial joints. The EPZ St. Vincent has this confirmed in writing: Regular certification processes by EndoCert, which include surveillance audits in addition to re-certification, ensure that the facility meets all professional requirements in all areas of structure, processes and, above all, results. This makes it clear: Anyone who wants to regain the desired mobility and thus the quality of life they have often missed for a long time with an artificial joint on the knee or hip is in exactly the right place with the team led by head physician Dr Johannes Spengler in the 13-village community of Pfronten.

The field of endoprosthetics has undergone a development in recent years that is rare in the history of medicine. Whether it is a question of accuracy of fit, the durability of artificial joints or the optimisation and standardisation of innovative surgical techniques – the fitting of prostheses is one of the safest and most successful treatment procedures today.

Responsible for the rapid development are highly specialised doctors who have dedicated themselves to this field and are thus constantly setting new standards in joint replacement, especially for the large joints. This not only improves orthopaedic surgical procedures, but also shortens recovery processes.

Minimally invasive innovation in the hip joint: "AMIS" technology

The fact that particularly gentle minimally invasive procedures have long been performed on large joints such as the hip or knee is one of the best proofs of the fulminant development of endoprosthetics. The St. Vinzenz EPC in Pfronten favours a method that is ideally suited for implantation and that is gentle on the muscle and tissue – the "AMIS" technique. A special operating table is even used for this in the EPC. The result? Those who receive a new knee or hip here with compact, bone-saving implants are operated on with small skin incisions and thus also with little trauma and can ideally walk pain-free shortly after the operation.

A clinic that is located in the middle of a well-known skiing and mountain sports area, which attracts many people all year round with numerous ski lifts, ski slopes and even a snowboard fun park as well as hiking and mountain bike trails, must offer medical services of an international standard, especially in the field of orthopaedics. So it is clear that people in the region also rely on the traditional St. Vinzenz Klinik for prostheses.

Whether hip or knee: In Pfronten, each implant is individually adapted – depending on age, bone quality and other factors. But the focus is always on defined procedures with which the optimal result is striven for. This also applies to revisions and exchange operations, which are also standard at the EndoProthetikZentrum. So if you are dealing with a bone defect, ligament instability or loose prostheses, the team led by Dr med. Johannes Spengler is the ideal place to go, also because of the quality of the consultation.

Dr med. Johannes Spengler is the Head Physician of the EPZ St. Vinzenz. The experienced specialist in surgery, orthopaedics and trauma surgery has additional qualifications in sports medicine, emergency medicine and chirotherapy. He knows the region and its people very well – a specialist for hip and knee arthroplasty, he has been working at the St. Vinzenz Klinik Pfronten since 2003.

Dr med. Kai Scriba, Senior Consultant Surgeon, is the main surgeon at the EPZ St. Vinzenz. In addition to fitting hips and knees with prostheses, his medical hobbyhorses include surgery of the spine and pelvis. He studied in Mannheim and Heidelberg, and has been at home in the Ostallgäu region of Bavaria since 2005, where he worked for ten years as head physician of accident surgery at the district hospitals.

MUDr. Pavol Pavelka, Specialist in orthopaedics and accident surgery and in special orthopaedic surgery, is also a Master of Health Business Administration. The Slovakian studied in Prague – and came to the Ostallgäu region via Berlin, Paderborn and Brakel.

Roland Stippler, Senior Physician Surgery, is also a main surgeon at the EPC. An experienced specialist for surgery and accident surgery, he has been working at the clinic in Pfronten since 2004. In addition to endoprosthetics for the knee and hip, his range of services includes vein surgery and hand surgery.

Doctor medic Radu Hondola is a Senior Surgeon and belongs to the close circle of the main surgeons of the Endoprothetikzentrum. Postoperative quality of life was already an important topic for him in Romania, where he studied. He received his licence to practice medicine in Germany in 2013 and has been in Pfronten since 2017.


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Endoprothetikzentrum St. Vinzenz

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