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Specialists for General Cardiology in Berlin

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Dr. - Ivan Diaz  Ramirez - Martin-Luther-Hospital
Martin-Luther-Hospital Specialists for General Cardiology in Berlin
+49 30 21782726 (Landline at local rates)
Three proven specialists covering all specialties of cardiology: The chief physicians Dr. Diaz Ramirez, PD Dr. Laule and Prof. Theres, together with their top-class team, offer the most modern examination and treatment methods at the highest level - for chronic diseases as well as for acute medical cases.

Our doctors

Dr. - Ivan Diaz  Ramirez - Department of General Cardiology -

Dr. med. Ivan Diaz Ramirez

Dr. - Michael Laule - Department of General Cardiology -

PD Dr. med. Michael Laule

Prof. - Heinz Theres - Department of General Cardiology -

Prof. Dr. med. Heinz Theres

Special Clinical Focus

  • Cardiac arrhythmias
  • Coronary artery disease (coronary heart disease)
  • Heart weakness (cardiac insufficiency)
  • Heart valve disease (vitium)
  • Stroke (apoplexy)
  • High blood pressure (hypertension)

About us Martin-Luther-Hospital

Diseases of the cardiovascular system are amongst the most common complaints. It is particularly important to act at the first symptom when it comes to the heart. With the Clinic for Cardiology, first-class care is now available in Berlin, the likes of which is unique in the German-speaking world: three proven specialists from all relevant fields offer the most modern examination and treatment methods at the highest level - for chronic diseases as well as for acute medical cases. 

Heart disease can affect everyone. It is often associated with physical limitations and also with fears. Understandable - because in our part of the world heart disease and diseased blood vessels are still the most common cause of death. Therefore regular examinations are important. However, two things are crucial for the course of a heart disease and for a quick recovery - precise diagnostics and a targeted therapy. Anyone who wants to make sure they get these two things should definitely go to first-class specialists right away.

Department of Cardiology: flagship of the hospital

In Berlin there is now an excellent location for this: At the Martin Luther Hospital in Wilmersdorf, a team of experts heads the recently established Clinic for Cardiology. The three renowned specialists, who work for the Johannesstift Diakonie across all locations, have everything that makes a modern clinic possible at this location: Diagnostics and therapy are carried out minimally invasively in the well-equipped operating area - supported by the latest imaging techniques. The brand new heart catheter laboratory area is also one of the most modern of its kind. In other words: The clinic, which opened in the fall of 2019, with its 700 square meters of floor space, represents a real milestone in the history of this historic hospital  and word has long since spread far beyond the German capital.

Bright, spacious examination rooms, an extremely pleasant waiting area, which usually hardly needs to be used because of the well thought-out organisation and scheduling, and an additional comfort area complete the perfectly equipped clinic in the German capital. In the comfort area, patients whose surgery is performed on an outpatient basis can recover a little before their discharge - in peace and quiet.

Three specialists with high expertise

The three specialists cover the entire cardiovascular spectrum - including cardiology, rhythmology, electrophysiology and invasive cardiology. The medical expertise ranges from high blood pressure and cardiac dysrhythmia to coronary heart disease, heart failure and heart valve diseases. Of course, patients with a stroke are also treated here. Competent medical-technical care at the highest level is always guaranteed. However: genuine specialists impress their patients with caring attention and individual care. It is therefore clear that the specialists place great value on empathy - and this applies to the entire team.

Three chief physicians – these are the leading minds at the Department of Cardiology at the Martin Luther Hospital in Berlin-Wilmersdorf:

Dr. Ivan Diaz Ramirez is a specialist in Internal Medicine, Cardiology and Intensive Care Medicine. He has already dealt intensively with cardiac arrhythmias as head of the university rhythmology department at the Campus Charité Mitte. His main focus is on cardiology and angiology. Ivan Diaz Ramirez is also a member of several cardiological societies.

Associate Lecturer Dr. Michael Laule, specialist for Internal Medicine and Cardiology, is, among other things, one of Germany's outstanding specialists for diseases of the coronary vessels and for the catheter-assisted minimally invasive treatment of heart valve diseases. He was senior physician at the Charité Center for Cardiovascular Medicine. As a private lecturer, he gives lectures, for example, on the gentle implantation of artificial heart valves - a procedure that he personally helped to develop. Dr. Michael Laule is in great demand internationally as a speaker at specialist congresses, for example in the USA.

Prof. Heinz Theres is a specialist in Internal Medicine, Cardiology and Intensive Care Medicine and has an additional qualification in Special Rhythmology. In 1992 he came to Berlin from Munich and has many years of experience in internal medicine and cardiology. His specialties include heart catheter interventions such as ablations or coronary angiography. Prof. Theres was co-founder of the Berlin-Brandenburg Heart Attack Registry, which he chaired for over ten years. As a member of leading cardiological societies, he keeps up to date with professional developments worldwide.

Competence in all areas: experienced practice team

What makes the Clinic for Cardiology stand out, however, is by no means only the combined competence of first-class specialists who enjoy a high reputation far beyond Berlin. With the new clinic, all three have fulfilled their dream - and were able to influence the design and planning right from the start. That is quite unique. Like the entire clinic - and this includes the well-rehearsed clinic team, which competently attends to the concerns and needs of the patients. And, by the way, around the clock, because for the three specialists this was also important from the very beginning: that the clinic is always available for emergencies.

Therapeutic Services

Electrophysiology and ablation therapy (treatment of cardiac arrhythmias))

  • Diagnosis and therapy of cardiac arrhythmias
  • Ablation therapy (obliteration or icing) of all possible cardiac arrhythmias with all the latest procedures (conventional radio frequency ablation, 3D mapping, cryoablation, cryoballoon ablation, epicardial ablation)
  • Individualized ablation technique in the treatment of atrial fibrillation according to anatomy and course of disease
  • Personal consultation and information before and after treatment by the attending physician in our rhythmological consultation hours
  • Clarification of sudden unconsciousness (syncope) and vertigo attacks
  • Implantation exclusively of high-quality MRT-capable pacemakers, defibrillators and event recorders

Disease of the coronary arteries (coronary heart disease)

  • Heart catheter examination
  • Measurement of constrictions using ultrasound or light and measurement of blood flow
  • Removal of constrictions in the coronary arteries by balloon dilatation and insertion of stents

Heart failure (cardiac insufficiency)

  • Individual drug combination therapy to improve cardiac performance
  • Therapy with novel stimulation devices

Heart valve disease (Vitium)

  • Minimally invasive repair of defective heart valves without opening the chest

Stroke (Apoplexy)

  • specific implants for the prevention of stroke

High blood pressure (hypertension)

  • Individual drug combination therapy to improve the success of treatment and minimize side effects
  • Stimulation of the autonomic nervous system with special pacemakers

Special Offers / Arrangements / Rooms

  • Employees speak German, English, French, Arabic and Russian
  • International patients can be treated without any difficulty
  • Optional services such as treatment by the chief physician, single room or admission of an accompanying person
  • Conveniently located on the upper Kurfürstendamm
  • Large outdoor area
  • Restaurant PAULS Deli with seasonal, fresh and daily changing dishes
  • Free WiFi and telephone to the German landline network, free use of TV
  • Wide range of services (hairdresser, manicure, pedicure)
  • Regular church services for interested people and pastoral care


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